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  1. I've had this laying around since I was in high school.


    Can anyone tell me what it is?


    It is marked RIA 1905 and has cuts for a belt or strap on the back. Currently held together with what looks like a WW2 leg strap or shoelace and the remains of what could be the original leather.






  2. I saved this shell from a scrap yard about 9-10 years ago. I was poking around my collection last night and decided to take some photos of it. It was made at the Frankfort Arsenal in 1915.


    I'm not sure if it is for the M1908 Field Gun or the M1897 Coast Gun but doing a little research I'm thinking the "Armstrong" that is stamped into the base is for the Coast Artillery. Can anyone tell me for sure?




  3. Working on more pics.....might be until tomorrow before I can get them. Thanks guys.


    So if I understand correct, we shouldn't use this for our hunting jeep to bash through the woods with??? Restore it??


    As it is your jeep you can do what you want with it, but upon hearing you intended to use it as a trail ride my heart sunk.


    This should be restored.

  4. attachicon.gifImageUploadedByTapatalk1456078873.253777.jpg

    Robert was right !

    However my big show score happened an hour into set up.

    I did not recover from my hit and honestly like to hit the show on low profile mode hunting.

    Here's my SF grouping that was found in a FT Bragg thrift store in the early 90s




    A direct embroidery on Tiger suit with an extremely rare Cambodia SF pocket patch




    This made my SOS in a nutshell

    That was my Uncle's and I's table.


    I guess I should have worn a USMF badge or something.

  5. Coming from an Army point of view, whenever we had a chance to eat at an Air Force DFAC we took the chance. We were mostly amazed at getting to use china and steel flatware. I don't know what it is like at Air Force basic but I can imagine it not being much better than Army basic. What I remember about chow at Army basic is that I ate it and did so quickly. Don't really remember what it tasted like and don't much care either, it was food.

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