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  1. Found this over the weekend and I have no idea what it could be.


    It is made out of wet weather clothing bags, a WW2 wool blanket and a piece of parachute material.


    Parka has two exterior pockets and one interior, it is a long length going to mid thigh, hood is lined with parachute silk and the rest the WW2 blanket. No tags, written name, sizing anything on it other than the zipper is made by RIES. Approximately a size 40, I'm a 42 and could just get the zipper to touch. Hood has a draw string and it looks to be made from the tie from the wet weather bag.


    Can anyone give me some hints as to what, where or when this is?


    Starting off with a front and back. I'm currently resizing these images. I'll post as I get them done.



  2. The Germans even produced their own manuals for use with captured weapons and most were given German military designations. I was trying to find what they called the Thompson and discovered this list:


    7.62 mm Selbstladegewehr 257 ® Former russian AVS-36
    7.62 mm Selbstladegewehr 258 ® Former russian SVT-38
    7.62 mm Selbstladegewehr 259 ® Former russian SVT-40
    7.62 mm Selbstladegewehr 251 (a) Former American Rifle, caliber.30, M1 (Garand)
    7.62 mm Selbstladegewehr 310 (f) Former french Fusil Mitrailleur RSC Mle 1918
    7.62 mm Selbstladekarabiner 455 (a) Former American Carbine, Caliber.30, M1 G-221/223 (Jugoslavians) War reparations after WWI
    G-299 or 98 (Polish) idem
    Gewehr 24 (Czech) build under licence
    Gew 29/40 (Austrian)
    Gew 262 (Belgian)
    Gew 289 (Polish)
    Gew 290/298 (Jugoslavian) build under licence
    Gewehr 98/40 (original 8 mm Huzagol 35M from Hungary)
    Gewehr 33/40 (manufactured in CZ Brno or Waffenfäbrik Brno)
    Gewehr 98 (Austrian Repetier Gewehr 1895 in 8 mm)
    Gewehr 306 (Greek, Italian or jugoslavian G-9
    Gewehr 294 (ex G-98 recalibrated by the jugoslavians to 7.9)
    Gewehr 33 (Musketon vz 16/33 the standard Czech Army carbine)
    Gewehr 209 (Italian Fucille modelo 38 in 6.5 mm)
    Gewehr 210 (Italian Fucille modelo 41 in 6.5 mm)
    Gewehr 211 (Dutch Geweer M95 Manlicher in 6.5 mm)
    Gewehr 214 (Italian Fucille modelo 91 in 6.5 mm)
    Gewehr 215 (Greek mannlicher-Schönauer Model 03/14 in 6.5 mm)
    Gewehr 231 (Italian Fucille modelo 38 in 7.35 mm)
    Gewehr 241 (French model 07-15 M34 in 7.5 mm)
    Gewehr 242 (French MAS-36 in 7.5 mm)
    Gewehr 249 (American Springfield M 1903 in 7.62)
    Gewehr 252 (Russian Mosin M-91 in 7.62 and Jugoslavian Puska M91R)
    Gewehr 254 (Russian Mosin M-91/30 in 7.62)
    Gewehr 256 (Russian Mosin M-91/30 in 7.62 with 3.5 telescope)
    Gewehr 261 (Belgian Fusil 1889 Mauser in 7.65 mm)
    Gewehr 263 (Belgian Fusil 36 Mauser in 7.65 mm)
    Gewehr 281 (British Rifle Nº 1 Mk III in 7.7 mm)
    Gewehr 301 (French model 1886 transforme 1893 in 8 mm)
    Gewehr 302 (French model 1907 transforme 1915 in 8 mm)
    Gewehr 303 (French model 1886 racroche 1935 in 8 mm)
    Gewehr 304 (French model 1916 in 8 mm)
    Gewehr 305 (French model 1907 dit colonial in 8 mm)
    Gewehr 307 (Jugoslavian Puska 8 mm M93)
    Gewehr 311 (Danish Gevaer m/89-10 in 8 mm)
    Karabiner 408 (Italian Moschetto modello 38 in 6.5 mm)
    Karabiner 409 (Italian Moschetto modello 91 for cavalry in 6.5 mm)
    Karabiner 410 (Italian Moschetto m 91 for technical troops in 6.5 mm)
    Karabiner 411 (Dutch Karabijn aantal 1 in 6.5 mm)
    Karabiner 412 (Dutch Karabijn aantal 1 OM en NM in 6.5 mm)
    Karabiner 413 (Dutch Karabijn aantal 3 OM en NM in 6.5 mm)
    Karabiner 414 (Dutch Karabijn aantal 4 OM en NM in 6.5 mm)
    Karabiner 411(n) (Norwegian Kavalerikarabin m/1894 in 6.5 mm)
    Karabiner 412(n) (Norwegian Kavalerikarabin m/1895 in 6.5 mm)
    Karabiner 413(n) (Norwegian Ingenieorkarabin m/1904 in 6.5 mm)
    Karabiner 414(n) (Norwegian Artillerikarabin m/1907 in 6.5 mm)
    Karabiner 415 (Norwegian Karabin m/1912 in 6.5 mm)
    Karabiner 416 (Italian moschetto modello 91/24 in 6.5 mm)
    Karabiner 430 (Italian moschetto modello 38 in 7.35 mm)
    Karabiner 451 (Belgian Carabine 1889 in 7.65 mm)
    Karabiner 453 (Belgian Carabine 1916 in 7.65 mm)
    Karabiner 454 (Russian Karabin obr 1938 g in 7.62 mm)
    Karabiner 457 (Russian Karabin obr 1944 g in 7.62 mm)
    Karabiner 494 (Greek S-95)
    Karabiner 497 (Polish Karabinek 91/98/25 in 7.92 mm [ex Mosin])
    Karabiner 505 (Italian or jugoslavian S-95)
    Karabiner 506/1 (Danish Fodfolkskarabin m/89-24 in 8 mm)
    Karabiner 506/2 (Danish Artilleriekarabin m/89-24 in 8 mm)
    Karabiner 506/3 (Danish Ingeniorkarabin m/89-24 in 8 mm)
    Karabiner 506/1 (Danish Rytterkarabin m/89-24 in 8 mm)
    Karabiner 551 (French model 1890 in 8 mm)
    Karabiner 552 (French model 1892 in 8 mm)
    Karabiner 553 (French model 1916 in 8 mm)
    Stützen 95 (Austrian Repetier-Stützen-Gewehr m-1895 in 8 mm)
    MP.704(f) (ex-Frence PM Vollmar Erma)
    MP.715® (PPD 34/38)
    MP.716® (PPD 40)
    MP.717® (PPSh 41)
    MP.719 ® Captured Russian PPs-43 MP.722 (f) Captured French Mas-38
    MP.738 (i) Beretta model 38/42
    MP.739(i) (Beretta Mo.938)
    MP.740(B) (ex-Belgian Mi.Schmeisser-Bayard Mle.34)
    MP.741 (d) (The license built Bergman made in Denmark)
    MP.746 (d) (Madsen M-42)
    MP.749 (e) Captured British Sten Mk II
    MP.751 (e) Captured British Sten Mk II with silencer
    MP.760 (e)/(j)/(a)/® Captured Thompson M-28 from British, US, Yugoslavian or Soviet)
    MP.761 (f) Captured Thompson M-1921 purchased by France in 1939

    The IMG 28 (p) was the designation given for the Polish licensed M1918 Browning Automatic Rifles (BAR) aka vz. 1928


    The law says medals awarded by Congress. Are you stating that 99% of the medal collectors on the forum have a Congressional Medal of Honor? :blink:


    I had a guy come into my shop and get visibly upset by the fact that I have a WW2 Cased Silver Star for sale. He came right up to me at the counter and told me that I couldn't sell that. "That is illegal! You can't sell any of these medals!". I tried to explain to him that the only one I couldn't sell was the MOH. This guy huffed and puffed walked out and then came back a few minutes later to show me the same legal quote as above on his phone. Again I told him that it only pertained to the MOH. Well he threatened to call the state police and that my business would be shut down. Well here we are 5 months later and I'm still open for business.

  4. Anyway that it would be tried could end up in a big hassle.


    Does anyone else remember when BG Joe Foss was stopped by airport security for trying to get on a flight carrying an "object with sharp edges"? The rent a cops running the metal detector tried to confiscate his MOH, saying it could be used as a weapon. None of them knew what the medal was.

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