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  1. First patch is the Manhattan Project but you have it upside down. Looks to be WW2 vintage.
  2. I'd be fascinated to learn how they could fit a machine shop on a PT boat.
  3. How is the EGA attached? Is the hole punched or drilled?
  4. That is a story I never even thought possible. An American Civil War veteran killed in action in WW1 serving with the Germans. I enjoyed this piece of history.
  5. I've heard a similar story from a former Submariner. Only he related it as that a sprinkler head had broken somewhere and an unknown room had flooded messing with the ship's balance. That is when they found the room that was completely sealed also with brand new machining equipment.
  6. That has to be an uncommon one. Great piece.
  7. It is a solid piece of metal. Completely inert.
  8. Good find. I picked one of these up a few years ago.
  9. I have one or two Ikes done like this. Both are post WW2. I'm guessing some GI's didn't want buttons anymore and replaced them with the zipper and snaps.
  10. The medals. The DSC is numbered but alas I am typing this in bed and the medal is in my war room and I don't remember it. I'll have to post that tomorrow.
  11. Detail of felt on wool 28th Infantry SSI, discharge and service stripe. Detail of ribbons.
  12. I haven't posted any of my WW1 uniforms in a while so I thought I'd share my second favorite US WW1 uniform with you. This is the uniform of Captain Robert S Cain of the 111th Infantry. His Citation reads: The President of the United States of America, authorized by Act of Congress, July 9, 1918, takes pleasure in presenting the Distinguished Service Cross to Captain (Infantry) Robert S. Cain, United States Army, for extraordinary heroism in action while serving with 111th Infantry Regiment, 28th Division, A.E.F., in the Bois-de-Chateau-Diable, west of Fismette, August 11 - 12, 1918.
  13. I'm not normally a dog tag collector but I do like anything PA related and early. I picked this up almost a year ago at a vehicle swap meet for $15. Named to a PVT Joseph Sanders of Troop K 1st PA Cav. I haven't done any research on this soldier but the unit designation puts it around the time frame of the Mexican Border Expedition.
  14. Sully


    You really have about three choices for that time frame. First would be the M7 with M8A1 Scabbard, then the M7 in the M10 Scabbard and finally the M9 Bayonet.
  15. This weekend July 9th and 10th The Borough of Berwick’s Stuart Tank Committee is having the first Weekend at Stuie's. The committee was formed to bring a Stuart light tank back to the city. During WW2 The American Car and Foundry Company of Berwick, PA produced 15,224 Stuart tanks. There will be a vendors area, I will be there. http://www.bringstuiehome.org/Bring_Stuie_Home%21/Welcome.html https://www.facebook.com/events/157178338010353
  16. British RAF pistol belt. Their air forces used blue colored webbing.
  17. How deep is it? It looks like it could be a carpenters kit chest.
  18. The patch is a British made 9th AAF. I can't help you with the wing.
  19. Sorry it is an M50. In my mind I was thinking of the M42 mask and just combined the model numbers.
  20. The buttons look like those on USN HBT's.
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