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  1. All of the service stripes and overseas bars could have been earned with the Army. The 28th was activated during the Korean war and spent from late 1950 to late 1954 in Federal service. Spending December 1951 to May 1954 in Germany.

  2. Post WW2 IKE of a two service veteran. Picked this up earlier this year off of a friend who found it in a pawn shop. Jacket is dated 1949 and has what I think is a German made ribbon bar. Unnamed but has a laundry number, I haven't tried to do any research.


    From what little I have to go on; I'm thinking WW2 USN veteran joined the National Guard after coming home and went with the 28th Division to Germany during the Korean War.



  3. Hi! I saw that you have a pair of double buckle boots there. I'm on the hunt for a pair. I was wondering if you'd be willing to sell them. If you would sell them how's the quality of the leather. Are they still wearable? Could they be worn to a reenactment? These would be my first pair of actual WWII boots. I could really use them. Think about it and reply. Thank you!


    This post is two years old. I've long since sold them. Sorry, Happy Hunting.

  4. attachicon.gifSOS2017_FB.jpg


    Guys and gals - we have created a Facebook 'event'




    If you are also on Facebook, and could share this on your page, I would greatly appreciate it. We want to spread the word far and wide, and I think that these days 'social media' is the way to make that happen.


    However, we are by all means a very inclusive organization. For those who are not on the forums, have never heard of Facebook, and refuse to use email, etc., I printed out a few thousand mimeograph flyers, stuffed them into some old empty glass TAB soda bottles that I found at a garage sale, and chunked them in the Mississippi. Fingers crossed. But I'm thinking that sharing out the Facebook event will slightly more effective.


    Thank you!!


    Link is bad.


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