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  1. Yugoslavian. Pretty common import piece. Mostly advertised as from the Yugo Civil War.
  2. Definitely early. Possibly from a pre WW1 US Curtis JN3 or maybe even a Burgess?
  3. Lucky to have made it that many trips. Although the last three missions were after the Germans surrendered.
  4. I was inside the building. I was the red haired guy with the $5 clothes rack and some radio stuff. I was with my Uncle who was selling antique uniforms and Vietnam knives.
  5. This weekend is the Redball Express Rally and Swap Meet in Gilbert, PA. Thursday for vendors only. Open to the public Friday and Saturday. I'll be there in the main hall. http://redballonline.org/GilbertInfo/2017Gilbert.htm
  6. All of the service stripes and overseas bars could have been earned with the Army. The 28th was activated during the Korean war and spent from late 1950 to late 1954 in Federal service. Spending December 1951 to May 1954 in Germany.
  7. This is exciting news. I'm also amazed at the condition of the wreckage for being down there over seventy years and the rust has barely covered anything.
  8. Close up of Ribbon Bar and uniform label.
  9. Post WW2 IKE of a two service veteran. Picked this up earlier this year off of a friend who found it in a pawn shop. Jacket is dated 1949 and has what I think is a German made ribbon bar. Unnamed but has a laundry number, I haven't tried to do any research. From what little I have to go on; I'm thinking WW2 USN veteran joined the National Guard after coming home and went with the 28th Division to Germany during the Korean War.
  10. This is a fun one from my family. This is my Great-Grandfather with a neighbor leaving for WW2 in 1943. Granddad put on his old uniform to see his neighbor off. I still have his uniform, posted here: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/250208-ww1-medic-uniform-finally/?hl=grail.
  11. This post is two years old. I've long since sold them. Sorry, Happy Hunting.
  12. Mosquito net stuffed in what looks like a meat can pouch.
  13. Amazing group and a bit dear to my heart as I collect 28th Division and I was born in Sunbury, PA.
  14. Same here. The only mention of it I've seen is by the PA National Guard Museum Facebook page.
  15. It is an armorers kit. It would contain replacement parts and some gunsmithing tools.
  16. The Medal above the 26th SSI is a VFW convention medal. I have one somewhere without the name tag.
  17. I'll be back for the second time this year. My Uncle and I will be driving in from NE Pennsylvania. Two cripples helping each other across country it will be a fun road trip.
  18. I got my membership letter back. I just need to pick up my badge at the SOS.
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