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  1. Yes the units do have the leather handles on the side. I don't think these could be used in a back pack configuration, they are quite heavy. I know that they can be vehicle mounted.
  2. Looks to me to be a BC-659 with a PE-120 power unit. I have a pair in my collection. Here is the receiver.
  3. It is a Fairbairn–Sykes fighting knife. If it is an original you have a very expensive piece there.
  4. http://wwii-enlistment.com/search/?q=oppenheimer&select=surname&quick-search=1&page=5 This shows that there were seven Robert Oppenheimer serving during WW2.
  5. Sully

    vietnam jacket

    On the inside of the jacket there should be another tag that describes the jacket and it will have a contract number. You can get the date from the contract number. There will be a series of letters and numbers example: DSA-100-69-C-1723. The set of two numbers together will tell you the year. Should look like this label.
  6. I never miss a chance to stop at any Goodwill, Salvation Army or thrift shop. If I have an errand that takes me within 10 minutes I stop. I've found many nice things. This was definitely one of my best stops.
  7. As the family and I were leaving I saw this on a rack being brought out. A real nice military wool blanket and it still had it's tag. Contract dated 1970.
  8. On the same rack as the field pants was this almost mint condition M1951 Parka. Dated in May of 1951. Funny thing was it had a Betty Boop key chain hanging off the zipper pull.
  9. Next thing was a pair of M1943 Field Pants in a big size for WW2, 34x33. Dated April of 1944.
  10. I found some really good items on my last trip. First thing I found was this pair of USN deck bibs. Contract places them in June of 1944.
  11. I recently received this camouflaged M1 helmet. It is a late WW2 manganese rim rear seam. I've had it about a week or so and as I was looking for the heat stamp I was pleasantly surprised, it is a Schlueter. I had a terrible time trying to get a good picture of the "S".
  12. Sorry I'm a day late Carl but here is what I got. A couple shots of the case.
  13. It does have a full liner and brass belt hooks. I found the quartermaster's tag and it is dated July 23, 1938. It is a very nice prewar four pocket. I removed the bar and it looks like it was on there for a very long time, but no way it is legitimate.
  14. To late I already did scan through the whole list. The closest I got was a Green, Robert L., U.S. Army - North Russia Intervention. Going by the laundry number I found a Green, Robert L Jr. Did the son grab his dad's award? I didn't think the awards were original to the jacket in the first place.
  15. In the lotto theme, I've got 47 tickets and there were 5059 recipients. Time to search.
  16. The European Campaign Ribbon is what made me question this jacket immediately. The 5th AF was in the Philippines in 1941 then moved to Australia, never to Europe. This guy does have three years worth of overseas stripes, so he could have possibly moved from the European theater to the Pacific but then why doesn't he have a Asia Pacific Campaign Ribbon? I have 47 names to sort through to see if any of them received the DSC.
  17. I recently acquired this this uniform jacket and I'm unsure of it. I don't have a name, only a laundry number: G6661. I tried researching by that and got 47 possible names. Is there a way to search online the recipients of the DSC? Also I don't think the ribbon bar is original to the jacket. The 5th AF was in the Pacific but this has a European Campaign Ribbon with one campaign star. Could anyone help me here?
  18. It is rather unpopular that the SSI was removed from the uniforms. It was said that the current uniform choice was put up to the soldiers and voted on, but I've yet to meet anyone that voted or was even given the option to vote. One of the competitors to the ASU was a return to the Ike jacket in the mustard brown. I would have much rather seen that than this current uniform. A member of my company who is a bit of a word smith summed up the ASU's with this: "It looks like a bunch of great ideas rolled into a ball of sh!t".
  19. Carl, It looks a lot like the case for the AN 5851-1 Sextant. I'll upload some pictures later today for you.
  20. I've never used the hook on my flight bag. When ever I'm not actively carrying the bag it is either in a locker or stored in the sponson box of the tank.
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