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  1. MSA has made the MICH/ACH since at least 2004. When I deployed to go to Iraq in January 2005 I was issued an ACH made by MSA. I have a few ACH's made by different companies, I'll try and look at them in the next couple days for you.
  2. The bottom right DI is from the 28th Infantry Division. During the Korean War the 28th was sent to Germany to Garrison it while the Active Divisions were pulled to go to Korea.
  3. Vietnam era cold weather boots. The 6-66 is the date. June 1966
  4. It is Egyptian Rocks and Sand camouflage. Here is a good description: http://camopedia.org/index.php?title=Egypt
  5. http://www.sportsmansguide.com/productlist/military-surplus?k=mossy+oak+&d=122 Sportsman's Guide carries a bunch of these items. I've never heard of it being used and thought it to be gimmicky.
  6. I've gone through my copy of Jane's Fighting Aircraft of WW1 and the best fit I can find is the Standard Aircraft Corporation H model series. My copy of the book only shows the H3 which is very similar to the second aircraft posted. I believe it could be either and H model or an H1. I am finding very little online about this aircraft maker or it's planes.
  7. It means that the item was not developed by or for the military but is a commercial product that is found to be useful for the military.
  8. If I'm allowed to have a second guess. Standard Arms Model G Rifle
  9. They are in the correct order. If you have need of checking on something like this again there a few websites where you can build ribbon rack and they are automatically placed in the correct order. http://www.myservicepride.com/rack-builder.html
  10. That medal is a Defender of Freedom Medal. I thought it was only a National Guard thing. I received one when I returned home from Iraq in 2006. Every time I've deployed we would come home and the unit would have a "Freedom Salute" ceremony and they would give out these awards and plaques as an atta' boy.
  11. The coat may have just been in storage for awhile before being issued. The rank insignia is much later than the 1951 manufacture date.
  12. I personally would be interested in the WW1 ammo and pretty much any ammo made pre 1940 is collectable.
  13. I think it is Belgian. The FN for Fabrique Nationale de Herstal.
  14. I received this from my Uncle who got it years ago at some militaria show. I don't know any more than that.
  15. The compass also came with these two Navy navigation manuals.
  16. I was wondering if there was anyway to prove that this compass actually came from the USS Salt Lake City. The compass is engraved with the name of the ship and the date 1948. I know the ship was decommissioned in 1947 then in July 1948 survived two atomic bomb blasts and then sunk as a target a few months later. I figured the compass would be a good piece for a keel holder sailor and would likely have survived. The compass is a Sperry Gyro-Compass Repeater MK15 Mod 0 from Chrysler with a patent date of 1919. Any information would be helpful.
  17. I saw two possibles. Heiskill, Bud born in 1901. Could have enlisted at 17 years old but unlikely to have seen a year overseas. The other is: Harrison, Roy A born in 1900. Possible that he could have seen a year service during WW1 but would have also had to have enlisted at 17.
  18. I find it odd that the uniform has WW1 service stripes but no WW1 Victory Medal and that he is only a 2LT.
  19. Amazing find. I've had many people ask me if I have one with all the Vietnam web gear laying around but I've yet to find one. Minty new, I have to say I'm a little jealous.
  20. Something interesting and different that is for sure. A deck chair for Doughboys waiting on their ship home?
  21. It looked black/navy blue to me.
  22. That is also a Navy Ruptured Duck sewn on.
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