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  1. Since I opened my store I've had a few people in that I was sure were stretching the truth on their service. Mostly I listen and they move on or I assist other people in the store. On guy though I couldn't stand. He came up to the door of my shop and shouted "A military store!" He then went to a sort of attention, saluted and announced himself as "Private ----- USMC". He came in and shook my hand and told me he just got off the plane from Iraq that morning. Well it was only 40 minutes after the mall opened and who gets off the plane from Iraq and goes to the mall? Well he was wearing Arm
  2. If this was taken post 1900 the soldiers are definitely National Guard troops. They are still carrying Trapdoor Springfield rifles but the uniforms look to be of the late 1890's. Someone with more knowledge than me could tell you which campaign hat they are wearing. I think it is around the 1898 or 1899 pattern and the service coats look to be the 1895 pattern.
  3. Google search is bringing up almost nothing. What is the history of this unit?
  4. I got these at a yardsale this morning. They are made by Meyer.
  5. Here are the double buckle boots. They are named to a Jack F. Kountz from Columbia, Pennsylvania.
  6. Here is the web set. Only one of the mag pouches is marked and it is contract dated 1968.
  7. The Civil Defense helmet, someone spray painted it OD. It was cheap enough though.
  8. I stopped at a few yardsales this morning on the way to the shop. I got a few items but alas I was a day late, the guy having the sale said he sold a lot the day before. I picked up a repainted Civil Defense helmet, a web set that has two M67 20rd mag pouches on it, three DI's, a sharpshooter badge with rifle bar both sterling marked, a Korean War era Engineers collar brass, an AAM ribbon and two tabs Ranger and Airborne. A few hours after I opened I had a guy walk in with a footlocker full of goodies and I managed to get a few things from there also. A pair of named double buckle boots, a
  9. Thank you. The dart one is entertaining. I thought it might have been some AF Wing or squadron patch. What is a good reference book for SSI?
  10. I bought a chocolate tin full of WW2 thru 1980's patches off a walk in to my shop. I can't seem to find a few of them. I did find the Ozarks one after I took the picture.
  11. Thank you for the responses guys. @Crymetimes123: I have plenty from WW1 to current. I just haven't taken any pictures of my riker mounts.
  12. I've got a series of photos of the interior of the store. Not all are up to date. Even though I've only been open for less than two weeks I've had some good turnover of thing going out and coming in.
  13. I am tooting my own horn here but I recently opened my own Military Surplus and Antique Store. I've been collecting for 18 years and managed to fill four storage buildings, so my wife told me it is time for some of it to go. I had been doing the flea market, gun/military show for awhile but now I've opened a store in our local shopping mall. I'm located in the Lycoming Mall in Pennsdale, PA.
  14. Thanks for the insight. The Beret is made by Bancroft and is lined yellow if that helps.
  15. Thank you. Any idea on these two?
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