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  1. I think they might be Chilean Airforce. They used a form of ERDL in the 1980's.
  2. Nice shot of the men and their horses along with the guidon.
  3. I've known many Vietnam vets that used C4 to heat rations. My uncle told me his unit went through so much C4 this way that their supply stopped giving them bricks. They then resorted to breaking open Claymore mines and eventually they started getting C4 bricks back.
  4. Page 2 I love the guy cowboying it up with the 1911.
  5. I've scanned some pages from the Album. I think they are great shots. Horses, sabres, formations, mess, messing around, all great stuff.
  6. I picked up a WW2 ditty bag and inside was WW2 USMC belt with a EGA soldered to it, 8 EGA's but they only made two pair and one that was needed for a pair is broken, and a Wolf Brown ribbon bar. I tried to get a shot of the print on the reverse of the ribbons but my camera has again let me down.
  7. There is a map of North Africa it is very large about 5'x2' and it is dated 1942. It covers from Morocco to Tunis and was copied from the French map of the area of 1939. It was hopeless to take a photo but I did scan sections of it.
  8. Also acquired this service record book. It is named but I'm unsure if it is for a real person or if it is filled out as an example for training. I tried to Google the town but came up with nothing. Batterytown England and the unit is the 508th CA (AA).
  9. I've never even heard of this manual before but it covers everything from sports to cadences to brothels. It covers the Armies of Germany, Italy, Japan, the Soviet Union and the United Kingdom.
  10. This morning I had intended on hitting 3 to 4 markets and I only managed to get to one. I blew through my allowance from the wife, then I went to the ATM and finally I used up all the change in the truck. I wish I had even more cash for the stuff I was forced to leave behind. >MR 6 color desert shirt contract date 1990 >Ranger FLC >A pair of LR M1951 field pants dated 1952 >WW2 Ditty bag with 8 EGAs, Marine ribbon bar and a belt with an EGA soldered to the buckle >2 flashlights >Medium IBA woodland cover >Bayonet frog as yet unidentified >Two helmets, a Soviet Con
  11. I wish you would have identified yourself. I enjoy meeting people from here. Yesterday was very busy and I had to close early! Rather hectic.
  12. I always go with if it is cheap, buy it. I had two in my shop, just the canteens, no cover or cup and got $12 each.
  13. Arctic canteen. Somehow it pressurizes and the water won't freeze.
  14. I'm open 7 days a week. Monday thru Saturday 10am-9pm and Sunday 11am to 5pm.
  15. As for the colors of the bullion they are different. The scan doesn't show the detail very well. The prop and wings are made from different colored bullion wire. I don't have my digital camera here to take a better shot.
  16. I picked this up at the Reading Airshow over the weekend. A guy walked into my tent and asked if we bought militaria. Of course I said yes and I was a bit excited when I saw what he had in his pocket. It is French made and in excellent condition. What do you guys think?
  17. Nice stuff. I guess soldiers every where have traded uniform parts. I know of French, Canadian, Slovenian and Chilean soldiers that have my uniform parts.
  18. Good luck Carl. Maybe I'll see some of the stuff I sent you.
  19. Could be possible if the serviceman had served in both the Army and Marine Corp but these are terribly out of order. I don't think they are original to the jacket.
  20. We just called them ID holders. When you are not in the ACU/ABU, whatever the Marines call it uniform you had to wear one of these to display your military ID. Whether you were in civilian clothing or your PT's. Without your ID displayed this way you could be denied entry into the PX, MWR, chowhall etc.
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