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  1. I'll be there in Hall B. I'm bringing some great WW1 Pilot groupings.
  2. Back in 2009 I was selected to participate in a soldier exchange with the Army of Chile. I got to spend time with their troops here in the US and in Chile in August and September of 2009. While I was serving with their army I was given this ID.
  3. Just wondering if anyone else will be attending this event. Held Saturday and Sunday in Berwick PA at the Test Track Park. The event is based around the M3 Stuart Light Tank which were produced there and the event is help on the original test track for the tanks. Saturday and Sunday 0900 to 1700 each day with a Swing Dance held Saturday night off site.
  4. I'll be there in the vendor field. Bringing plenty of great stuff fresh to the market. I have the third spot along the tarmac.
  5. I'll be headed out in the morning. 12hr drive for me. This is my fourth year and I'm certain I've met more than a few of you but I just don't remember. To spot me look for the guy with a cane and flaming red hair.
  6. I got this in a box lot of other militaria and I have no idea. Can anyone help me?
  7. I'll be there too. Three tables covered with items from my late Uncle's collection.
  8. Smaller 75 table militaria show in Gettysburg PA on 17&18 November 2018. Saturday 12-7pm and Sunday 9am-3pm. This will be my first time at the show and I got 2 tables. Address: Fire Department 35 N Stratton St Gettysburg, PA
  9. When was the dark green gloss paint done? I picked up a M1917A1 over the summer that was painted a dark green that was glossy and originally thought it was something a kid had done.
  10. Great video. I need to get a scan of my 3Great-Grandfather from my aunt. PVT George C Bowers Emergency Company I at Gettysburg. He enlisted at Harrisburg on 23June1863 and a week later was in battle.
  11. Here is the set that I had. In different collector groups I belong to it was IDed as an African contract. I forget which country off hand. Might be found over here: http://www.camopedia.org/index.php?title=Main_Page#AFRICA
  12. I had one of these a bit ago. They were apparently an African contract in a former French colony.
  13. I have tried and failed several times to take a complete inventory of my collection. We are planning to move in the near future and I figured when it is time to pack everything up, I'll just start writing everything down as I put it in the box.
  14. I'd like to make a post about my Uncle. Vincent J Coniglio author of the US M3 Trench Knife of WW2 and veteran of the Vietnam War serving with 1/8 Cavalry 1st Cav Div 1970-71. Vince passed away at home on Tuesday September 18th 2018 aged 67. Internment will be at Fort Indiantown Gap National Cemetery.
  15. Looks like someone just glued a Soviet cap badge to an old Brit tortoise shell.
  16. The larger cased one is an Army Achievement Medal. Fairly common and rather low level. Unusual to see it named. No idea to the Red, White and Blue one.
  17. I get this feeling quite often when I get a chance to just sit in my room. I'll put on an original WW1 phonograph and listen to "Keep the Home Fires Burning". Then just look around at the ancient pieces.
  18. I had planned on being there again this year but some things have come up on the home front and it looks unlikely that I will make it.
  19. I'm afraid you are asking on the wrong forum then. Are there any Czarist era forums?
  20. Will you be playing the part of a Russian or an American?
  21. It is a Knights Hospitaller medal. There must have been a lodge created by service men in Tokyo.
  22. I'll be leaving Tuesday morning. I have to go right through Pittsburgh and the rivers are high there. See you guys Wednesday.
  23. This will be my third year. I'll be setting up with my Uncle, he has three tables.
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