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  1. Here are a couple of photo's. It appears to be an WW2 era PH. Un-named. I believe it is Army? Is that correct? I think the box may be for a WW2 victory medal. thank you
  2. I was just thinking that the box is probably from another medal. I am trying to get better photo's.
  3. Hello Is this purple heart and box WW2 era? Sorry for the poor picture, but it is all I could get. The box does not appear to me to be ww2 era, but I am not sure. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Hello WW1 is not my usual area of collecting, but picked up this relic condition M1917 Camo helmet. I thought it looked rather nice, and is named on the chinstrap (broken) with "1918 Jack XXXXXX AEF 1918 FRANCE - Co. 43rd Engr's". It has a heat lot number of ZC 85. It appears to have a field done camo paint job. If only it could talk!!! Comments?
  5. Thank you for the help. I thought they did MRT for use in pacific (wet climates) during the war?
  6. Yes it says MRT in red with no date.
  7. Yes, I do. Just thought this was a super nice example..
  8. Hello. Just picked this up this weekend. Came directly from a vets family. Boyt 44 marked, with leather leg tie... Basically in unissued condition with verdigris on the rivets..
  9. If the overseas bars are theater made (both the CBI and Bars), does that indicate the uniform was worn while on duty overseas?
  10. Do you think the overseas bars are also theater made? Thank you
  11. Yes. I did get the set of buttons I was looking for. I just could not cut this set up...
  12. I was looking for a set of WW2 era Officer buttons for a uniform from a good friend that passed away A friend of mine that runs an antique store told me he had a set of buttons for me. I did not realize they were still on a uniform.. So my initial intension was to remove them and use them on the other uniform, until a i got a good look at it. I was surprised to see the CBI patch and US collar pins.
  13. Ok, here are a few pictures of the full uniform. Sorry it took me so long. There is one US pin on the lapel, and the other was in the pocket. I took a photo of the one from the pocket, it has the AMCRAFT Phinney type clutch fasteners. Thank you for the help..
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