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  1. If the overseas bars are theater made (both the CBI and Bars), does that indicate the uniform was worn while on duty overseas?
  2. Do you think the overseas bars are also theater made? Thank you
  3. Yes. I did get the set of buttons I was looking for. I just could not cut this set up...
  4. I was looking for a set of WW2 era Officer buttons for a uniform from a good friend that passed away A friend of mine that runs an antique store told me he had a set of buttons for me. I did not realize they were still on a uniform.. So my initial intension was to remove them and use them on the other uniform, until a i got a good look at it. I was surprised to see the CBI patch and US collar pins.
  5. Ok, here are a few pictures of the full uniform. Sorry it took me so long. There is one US pin on the lapel, and the other was in the pocket. I took a photo of the one from the pocket, it has the AMCRAFT Phinney type clutch fasteners. Thank you for the help..
  6. Sorry for the delay I have not been home. I will get a photo up of the whole uniform, as soon as I can.
  7. Thank you for the help. It came on a uniform with only US collar tabs, and 2 strip overseas stripes that also look to be bullion.. I have a Laundry number, but nothing comes up on search. Here is the bullion?? overseas stripes.
  8. Hello I picked up a nice CBI uniform this weekend. It has a nice bullion CBI patch on the sleeve. Thought I would post a few pictures. It is in nice shape with minor wear. Is this a theater made patch? Thank you
  9. Hello What era are these from? Officer? They appear to be marked Meyer with the #210.. Thank you
  10. Hello Is this a post WW2 era wrist compass? The band is cloth. It came in a group of items from a WW2 vet. Thank you
  11. Thank you. I appreciate the help. I like it also..
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