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  1. I checked it tonight, and I could not see any marking.. Bummer..
  2. No. It appears to have a name... On paper that is very deteriorated. I am trying to find out more on it from the original owner.
  3. I got a chance to look at it, and it is a WW1 Mills Cartridge Belt..
  4. Thank you I forgot about the night vision. I will check it tonight.
  5. Hello Can anyone Identify the belt with the 1912 Bolo knife? Is it US? Thank you
  6. I do not know. I do not know if it is even military.. I just thought it looked interesting...
  7. Hello Is this a early US Army Identity paper holder (Dog Tag). It is made of brass and about 1" long. Thank you
  8. Hello Came across this liner. It has a repaint, but under the paint on one side is the 34th inf Red bull. The other side has the 133rd infantry emblem, with another underneath. Can anyone identify the emblem beneath the 133rd infantry sticker. It came with a front seam repainted swivelbale helmet. Are the first two sets ww2 era? the 34th was disbanded in 1945, and reorganized in the Natl guard... Thank you
  9. Thanks for the comments. I agree, ugly but interesting.
  10. Thank you for the help. I would assume he must have stayed in the service after the war. His family has no idea. His grave marker says A3C US Air Force World War 2
  11. Hello I know I have seen similar before. I did a quick search, and only came up with this listing.. I believe it is just an early McCord number... Hope this helps.
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