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  1. Bottom left is the 23rd Engineer Regiment and bottom right is the 56th Armored Engineed Battalion according to the ASMIC Motto Catalog. I am also trying to identify the DUI in the top left. So far no luck.
  2. According to the ASMIC Charge Catalog these are: 1. 13th Engineer Battalion 2. 19th Airship Company Air Corps 3. 7th Field Artillery 4. 302nd Ordnance Regiment Dave
  3. According to the ASMIC Charge Catalog these are the 41st Engineer Battalion, Coastal Defense of Sandy Hook, and the Bolling Field Detachment of the Air Corps. Dave
  4. Thanks for your help Matt. Looks like I'll be updating ad infinitum. Dave
  5. Please lead me out of the land of Bewilderment. I have recently bought a large number of DUIs and have been searching the ASMIC catalogs to properly identify them. My most recent purchases were sold as Support Battalions/Brigades/Groups etc. and some of them appear in the QM/Supply Catalog. However, many do not appear in that catalog. For example the DUI with the motto "Always Able" is identified as the following in the ASMIC Motto List: 709th Maintenance Bn., 709th AAA Bn., 709th Ordnance Bn. and 709th Maintenance Bn. The example I have in my hand now shows up in the ASMIC Maintenance C
  6. The first one is Stephen F. Austin State University ROTC. Second one is the 97th Quartermaster Battalion. The last one looks like it might be the 503rd S&T Battalion (3rd Armored Quartermaster Battalion). Dave
  7. The ASMIC Charge Catalog has these as the 1st Barrage Balloon Group for the one with the spider web and the 12th Armored Division Supply Battalion for the one with the sheaves of wheat. Dave
  8. That one is for the 65th Engineer Battalion (Combat). Dave
  9. The ASMIC Motto List has it as the Oklahoma Military Academy ROTC located in Claremore, OK. Dave
  10. Looks like the one listed as 33B1 in Distinctive Insignia Of The U.S. Army Air Forces 1924 - 1947 by Joseph M. Massaro. Dave
  11. I bought a large lot of Engineer DUIs a couple of years ago and there was a DUI matching this SSI. I looked everywhere through Engineer catalogs, etc. and never did find it. Then I happened to run into it while doing seemingly endless Google image searches. It is the SSI for ... Georgia State University ROTC. They are so much easier to find when they have a motto. Dave
  12. The ASMIC Motto List has this one as the 14th Field Artillery Observation Battalion. The ASMIC Field Artillery Catalog agrees with this and has it listed as 14B2. It is listed as German made from the 1940-1947 time period. I think it's safe to say that it doesn't date from any earlier than mid 1945. Dave
  13. It has been down the last couple of times I have tried to take a look.
  14. Thanks for the response. This one is still a puzzle to me. Dave
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