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  1. Nice helmet! According to his pension application form, he never served overseas during WWII. Looks like the 339th General Hospital was stateside in Pittsburg. Not sure why the back of the helmet would say LCI-45?
  2. If anyone can help me find the service number of George Cook, it would be greatly appreciated! Not sure what is the best approach given the fact we only have his name and unit. Thanks
  3. I am trying to get more information on George Cook. If I can find his service number, that would be helpful. Only problem is that there are quite a few men with this name listed on Army enlistment records. Since the 229th Port Company was an African American unit, I was able to narrow down my search results and found around 13 matches.
  4. I would assume that the soldier used a drawing compass to scratch the arc on the front of the helmet. He then painted between the scratch lines.
  5. 1st ESB soldier's name on inside of shell with reference to the possible name match in the 229th Port Company
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