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  1. Okay-awesome. Have you had any luck backtracking that number to specifically identify your pilot? If so-what tools are you using? I’ve not been involved with AAF or USAF research up to now.
  2. All-does anyone have information regarding the metal tags located in this A-11 rear goggle strap and oxygen mask? Numbers match. Armory tags? Auction/surplus?There is an example in Prodger’s book and I’ve seen a few elsewhere. Also-yellow paint on the studs..and while I’m thinking of it—clips for mask reversed left and right. I’m pretty good with RAF type C’s but hoping to learn more about these.
  3. Long time civil war collector is hoping someone can shed light on identifying this aircraft. I've looked pretty hard but have yet to come up with anything. There is evidence of a name badge being removed as well as something having been pinned below the collar-whistle? The jacket also has a name and army serial number stenciled on the inner liner but I'm hoping to start here to see if anyone might have seen reference to this aircraft. Thanks Peter
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