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  1. Speaking of the 83rd -- Here's a soldier during the bulge with a gas hood. There are a couple more photos kicking around with gas hoods that put them in another division besides the 87th and the 83rd. Understood on the unusual wear. When you study the late war signal corps footage, the uniformity is out the window, with incredible diversity in kit, wear styles and modified uniforms. I have seen a picture of a US GI wearing German officer boots cut down, split down the front and laced. Perhaps that would be a bridge too far in a film, but it happened.
  2. Lloyd, thank you for the specifics. I posted the image to show the 5 cell TSMG pouch in use. I am trying to locate another image I have seen of the 5 cell in use by "regular infantry" in a 9th Army unit. Do you know the unit number of the Chaffee crew? The goggles were in the system by the Spring of '45. When one starts looking, it seems these things crop up more and more.
  3. Here is a 5 cell pouch in Italy. Also weren't M44 goggles in use in Europe by April 1945 when the movie happens? Armored crews had them. Not sure what the firestorm is.
  4. Jon please stick around. Seriously. Please do not mistake passion for dismissal. This is a collector's forum and collectors can be tough on each other sometimes. If you want the time of day, ask for it. There are people here with decades of experience, authors of reference books, etc. Ask questions, participate. Build some street cred. The hobby needs you younger gentlemen.
  5. Did no tankers ever use M44 goggles? Or is a reenactor preference to go with other models? Was the 5 cell Thompson pouch not issued in the ETO? I'm confused how this is inaccurate. GIs looted, used, stole, wore a pleathora of German weapons, uniform items and euipment. Or not?
  6. Picture from Oct 44 of a tanker in early cav boots.
  7. Here is a picture of a Sherman crew wearing leggings.
  8. Very nice assembly. Many forget that the sub service had the highest casualty rate of any branch in WWII. They were also first into the fight, Pearl surge deployed two boats to hunt the the fleet that hit on Dec 7th.
  9. Okay, thanks. I pooched the thread title, I had 3rd ID on the brain over something else. The ribbon on the left looks very orange, I thought it was a foreign award. Good conduct it is. Any idea what the white shoulder loop is? Is it ceremonial? Thanks!!
  10. I am interested in this Ike and am wondering if it is put together. This Ike is pretty high ranked but lacks service stripes. Does it mean anything or would they sometimes be left off jackets? Also there is no good conduct ribbon. Maybe back in war you could rank-up with a less than pristine service record. Thanks!
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