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  1. I’m glad there were people like yourself saving this stuff. thanks, Andrew
  2. Wow, thanks very much aznation, it’s greatly appreciated. Andrew
  3. Yes the cap is his as well. It might be one from earlier in his career not sure. I’m still trying to work out a deal on the rest of his items maybe his grandson still has the other cap. Thanks, Andrew
  4. I’m not sure why he was awarded a BS and AM. I’m going to pull his records. Unfortunately I don’t see a name however I purchased it from his grandson. It’s also the uniform he’s wearing in the photo. thanks, Andrew
  5. Recently got this uniform from the grandson of the veteran. Named to Col Lewis Nichols. He was a Quartermaster in the Army Air Force. He served with the CBI. Later served in Korea. Also got a bullion Burma Star Assoc patch with he was a member since 1989.
  6. Thanks for the comments! Yeah, I thought it was a pillow case as well but there is no opening. I think maybe it’s more of a place mat. thanks, Andrew
  7. I have done a little research but it’s difficult because his name was Conan Doyle and when researching I mainly get results for Arthur Conan Doyle. Thanks, Andrew
  8. This is one of my most prized patches.
  9. Named to Conan Doyle from Utah. Beautiful bullion patch.
  10. Named to Squire Mossholder. One of the most interesting CBI patches I’ve ever seen.
  11. Beautiful CBI and Air Corps patches, named to Gordon Klope from North Dakota.
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