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  1. No this one is a later piece as one can see if you compare the form of the shield with a WWII piece. This is a narrow shield. The WWII ones have a wider and rounder appearance
  2. Yeah it was mine and i had to let it go since i am trying to focus on named and i'd able militaria and as nice at this is, it is not named. As i said... i bought this one from wartimecollectables about 8 or 9 years ago. Stephan
  3. So my unfinished DUI is definetly a Kalka made one.
  4. I made a comparison shot with this 509th Infantry DUI. It is also german made in the late 1950's to early 1960's. when the 509th was stationed in Germany. I have found it on another local fleamarket in Germany as a single DUI. It is not curved but note the material, the pins and the thickness...all the same as on the skulls SF DUI. The more i look at it...could be also Kalka, Augsburg made Stephan
  5. As for the curve..i have no problem with that since many german made insignia are curved more or less. Here are just a few. And note the thickness. Stephan I don't wanna hijack this thread...just show you why i undoubtely believe this insignia is a real german theater made piece and not a fake.
  6. And this is the other lot with the unfinished skull insignia and the second small pin. I found the small pins on the same fleamarket but at different times and in different lots of German made insignias.
  7. Well the small ones are just small Pins. I think for other purposes not official. I have lots of small DUI from the factory. These insignia came all from two lots i have bought here in Germany, at my local flea market. All german made insignia. And yes the bigger one is curved. On this fleamarket i have bought many large german made insignia lots over the years. The Poellath factory is just 15 miles away and nearly all of the marked insignias were Poellath made. I try to find the pics. I also have never seen this skull variation, but i do not doubt its an legit local made piece. Stephan H
  8. Here is a batch of unmarked german made kissing skulls insignias.
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