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  1. He bought a savings bond each month.
  2. But did you pick up the cribbage board?
  3. The bottom one is the Philippine Independence Medal.
  4. The POW medal was not created until 1985.
  5. Seventy-five years ago today.
  6. French Verdun and Chateau Thierry medals.
  7. He was from NJ. There is a picture of him in a newspaper clipping on newspapers.com. Search his name and USMC and you will find it. He was an airborne instructor also.
  8. There is only one Albert F Hoffman in the Muster Rolls. He served with the Second Parachute Battalion, First Parachute Regiment in WWII.
  9. lettow

    nazi coins

    The coins are made of zinc. Zinc corrodes easily and it is almost impossible to remedy it. While the general rule with coins is not to clean them, these are very common coins that have little numismatic value anyway.
  10. It is probably a certificate recognizing her volunteer work for the local War Savings Society or similar organization. Many of them would have been handed out at the end of the war so it is probable that there would me no contemporary mention. The writer of the obit may not have really understood what the certificate was.
  11. That is homogenization, not pasteurization.
  12. Collective Fire was essentially the entire company firing at once. Google "collective fire" and army and you will find regs on how it was done.
  13. I saw it and passed on it. One of these days I need to thin out my short snorter collection.
  14. It is pretty much the whole crew off the June 1944 Muster Roll for LCI(L)-413 plus an Ensign (Stroup).
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