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  1. A cooper is a barrel maker. A cobbler is a shoemaker.
  2. It looks like a dependent tag. December 1, 1942 is Irene's birthdate. Ancestry has her most recent last name as K R E M E N in Cresskill, NJ.
  3. I agree that he was probably an artillery spotter given his branch, the DFC and multiple Air Medals. The location the picture was taken, Willow Glen, CA, may or may not be helpful.
  4. The US Service Command is a non-military organization. He was a LTG in that organization. I am curious to see what his actual service history is. He apparently had noteworthy service but still felt the need to embellish it a little.
  5. There is a PUC on the uniforms. This does not seem likely for someone with no campaign awards.
  6. And I learned more about the US Service Command than I knew before. It appears his LTG rank was in that organization.
  7. Republican Presidential Legion of Merit.
  8. UW Scabbard and Blade Medal to George Albert Munkwitz of Hales Corners.
  9. This picture is from an entry on ancestry.com for Albert H. Davis of Mew Ipswich.
  10. I also recommend examining a charity's 990. They can be enlightening. They can be found on the IRS website.
  11. The abbreviations are not that complicated. National Army. Stark County Ohio. July 26, 1918. Born Canton Ohio July 16, 1892. 7th Field Artillery Regiment Replacement Depot Camp Jackson SC to Discharge. Corporal November 15, 1918. Honorable Discharge January 1919. Do you have pictures of the grouping?
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