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  1. Went by the LGS today and they had a USMC marked machete sheath marked U.S.M.C. BOYT -44- with a LEGITIMUS COLLINS & CO 1944 machete. It was on a U.S. marked cartridge belt. I can not find a Boyt marked canvas scabbard in any reference. Is this a repo? The machete has an 18 inch blade.
  2. Actually I am positive the canteen cover is USMC The canteen cover has crossed flaps and a funnel hole in the bottom, I looked it up in "GRUNT GEAR" by Talkoff and it is on Page 167. The canteen is marked U.S.S.M.CO. 1944, the cup is marked U.S. K.M.CO. 1944. My question is what is the value of one these?
  3. Have you been able to find out anything about the binoculars themselves. I bought the same bino today at the local gun shop for $5.00.
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