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  1. WOW...how did I miss that !!!
  2. Just saw this posted as being from the U.S.A.A.F. "1 Interceptor Command" ...anyone know for sure what it’s from ???
  3. I’m trying to figure out what this is from, perhaps a B-26 ?
  4. I’ve never seen a die stamped one before but it looks age appropriate to me. Can you make anything out with the scratches on the rear of the shield ? Love to know who the “Queen” was...
  5. Joe Baugher's Database shows a lot of the planes in this Serial # (44-73156) sequence went to the Italian Air Force
  6. I finally got all my LGB wings together for a photo...only a few more that I need...
  7. Just for reference on the mark this is a pre-war Submarine Warfare Insignia by B.B.& B.
  8. For a guy with 13000+ feedback he does have very fuzzy pictures.........There's a method behind his madness......
  9. Just picked this up from across the pond... Full size Pilot Wing engraved Lt. R.C. Shipley...now the research begins
  10. Looks looks a homemade conversion...
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