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  1. ram957

    Navy Wing ??

    Saw this on an auction site...Anyone know what it is ??? About 1 1/2” wide
  2. I have what I believe is an Australian made Aircrew wing with a similar catch
  3. This is my Uncle Teddy...He was 31 when he enlisted, so it is possible!
  4. Only found 2 Grosby’s on the NARA site...both seem kind of old to be Paratroopers in WWII...but you never know
  5. Looks like it was engraved or etched twice...the first time lightly and the second deeper...I believe the name is Crosby
  6. ram957

    Walther P-38

    Another Uncle Teddy bring back....380 Beretta
  7. ram957

    Walther P-38

    Yes....saw him often...a great guy and as you said a great sense of humor !
  8. ram957

    Walther P-38

    Found another photo of his Thompson (Boo Boo) with the stock on and the front grip off....Boo Boo was his wife’s Knick name
  9. I saw this on an auction site and thought it was interesting. I've never seen something like this before and it looks jeweler made....It's marked 10K on the clasp and is around 3/4" wide. I'm posting here in the Wing Section because a wing collector may have encountered something like this...If not appropriate Mods please move it...Thanks
  10. I just saw this on EBAY being presented as possibly from a B-17... I’m pretty sure it’s not but does anyone know what it is from ?
  11. ram957

    Walther P-38

    One more try....
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