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  1. Favorite Wing....I’ve done the research... 2nd Lt. Robert H. Wirostek was the Navigator aboard the St. Quentin Quail 42-41205 when it ditched on January 2, 1944,due to battle damage. The aircraft ditched off Jab'u Island on the Arno Atoll. Another aircraft from the Squadron dropped emergency rations and reported seeing 6 or 7 crew members hauling equipment from the plane onto the beach. Of the 10 man crew, two were KIA either from the Zero attack or from the ditching. They were buried by the other 8 survivors. The survivors ( one of them was Wirostek) were housed and fed by the Marshalles
  2. It’s from a B-17F L/H Stabilizer Assembly..got it from a vet who removed it from a ship...unfortunately no ID..this is the type of piece in production
  3. I’m gonna test your math skills... My projectile weighs 1.07 lbs the attached photo has the weights of the components ...I’m not great at math but I do believe there is no charge in the projectile...what do you think
  4. The primer is empty it’s just that the primer cap has not been fired
  5. I recently acquired this Pre WWI US NAVY 1 Pounder. The projectile separates from the shell, and the shell is empty. The primer is still intact. The drive band on the projectile is not marred. Should I be concerned about the black powder still being in the projectile ???
  6. I’ve always been under the impression that these plates are the Military Acceptance Plate. They are not the Manufacturers Main Data Plate. As P-59 stated there were a few of these on the aircraft placed on major portions of the airframe. For example below is an oval Manufacturers Main Data Plate for a B-17 and a rectangular Acceptance Plate for a B-17.
  7. B-47B, s/n 51-2200 Manufactured by Boeing Aircraft, Wichita KS and delivered to the USAF on 27 Jun 1952. Nov 1952 To 3200th Proof Test Wing (Air Proving Ground), Eglin AFB FL Jul 1953 To 3200th Maintenance Wing (APG), Eglin AFB Oct 1953 To 3200th Test Wing (APG), Eglin AFB Nov 1955 To AF Operational Test Center (APG), Eglin AFB (to JB-47B) Dec 1957 To AF Proving Ground Center (Air Research and Development Command), Eglin AFB Jan 1958 To Douglas Aircraft, Tulsa OK (to B-47G) Jun 1958 To 19th Bombardment Wing [Medium] (Strategic Air Command), Homest
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