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  1. Very nice ! Roy Bradbury was member of the 194th GIR. TFH
  2. This pics were realized in Berlin. I guess all this stuffs were saved from the ruines of the city.
  3. I have also this pic in my negatives. It is a nice grouping. I collect only 17th Airborne items for more than 25 years ... and of course I have groupings like this one but I love yours. There is always something different that make it interesting from the over one ?
  4. TFH, Are there pictures of Germany where piles of people’s belongings are in the street? I don't remember that !
  5. The result of the reprinting is nice as you can see (Paul L Antelitano is on the right).
  6. May be 10 pics and the other are negatives. Not the physical album.
  7. By the way, the only other memorabilia I have from this glider man is a sewing kit ! No PH.
  8. I have made digs in my collection and have found them : 92 pics, mainly negatives. The most part was realized in occupation duty, during summer 1945, some are realized after this gentleman was transferred to the 82nd AB. But no one are realized during Varsity. I have a lot of pics from the 17th but no one shows the 17th SSI ! Richard
  9. I am fortunate to have the major part of his photo album in my collection !
  10. Hi Oz, nice to read you and ... nice item, of course ! Richard
  11. William F BAUER Jr was member of the 681st GFAB / 17th AB during WWII but this dog tag is not a dug up one ... This one is a dug up one found by me in the 90's in the area of Hemroulle, Bastogne. Warren LILLY was member of the E/193rd GIR. TFH
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