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  1. Hi. Today I obtained a "Army Air Forces Pilot and Crew Member Physical Record Card" named to 2nd Lt Richard K. Young, 0-704523. He was qualified for flying in 1943. Can anybody give som information about this officer? Many thanks in advance. Grtz. Didier.
  2. Again good show and keep on the good work!!!
  3. Hi I need some help in identifying a pressure cylinder of an A/C that crashed in the sea. This cylinder is made of some kind of stainless steel. Lenght: 34 cm. Diameter: 9,5 cm. Weight: 2,5 Kg. Markings: 500 AF 43-1276 4-43
  4. One of the gliders landed in Meerhout. I do have a few bits and pieces of this glider in my collection.
  5. This crash occured in the vicinity of Antwerpseweg 87, Geel, Belgium. Close to the site of Agio cigar factory.
  6. OK and thanks guys. Sadely the engine lacks it's data plate )-:
  7. Need some information about a Pratt & Whitney engine. -The P & W R 2800-21 was used on what aircraft? -It's SerN° is 42-126159. Was this engine produced during the war? -What does the abbreviation "WRAD" means? -Is "4-23-45" a production date? -For what stands "TT763" on the engine?
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