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  1. Doyler, Judging by what I've seen, you must have a beautiful collection.
  2. Great Knife! I will give you 1000 Rupees for that knife!
  3. That reminds me about when I was in the Navy, they used the same tanks to store JP5 as they did the drinking water. It didn't kill us, but it didn't taste very good either.
  4. sactroop, you're gonna laugh, but I used canola oil.
  5. I just tried that #0000 steel wool on some antique eating utensils (knives and forks) I believe that you are right. It doesn't remove much at all.
  6. Thanks Mandy. Doyler, I was reading about what they did on the USS Omaha in the Cole book. You may find it interesting.
  7. sactroop, If you're jealous now just wait until you see my Nichols and my Richtig. Those are couple of beauties! Big Al, I inherited this collection. I'm just trying to sort through them to see what they are. Gary
  8. The blade is exactly 7 1/8 inches long and the handle is greater than 5 1/4 inches, with an overall length of about 12 3/8 inches. The knife weighs exactly 7 ounces. V-42 stiletto specifications - Wikipedia The V-42 weighs 7 ounces (0.20 kg), with either a 7.250-inch (18.42 cm) or 7.125-inch (18.10 cm) long blade and 5.5-inch (14 cm) handle, for a total length of approximately 12.5 inches (32 cm). Its features included a double hollow-ground, stiletto-type blade equipped with a thumb-imprint choil or ricasso designed to facilitate a flat or modified saber grip, and a leather handle with a pointed skull-cracking pommel (butt).[7] One source states that the Army placed five separate orders totaling 3,423 V-42 fighting knives from November 1942 through November 1943.[2] However, Case factory records indicate that approximately 3,000 V-42 knives were actually produced, and only one shipment of 1,750 knives to the FSSF was recorded by the Force's supply officer.[1] I guess there's enough to make you wonder a little, but it's close.
  9. V-42 stiletto - Wikipedia First issued in 1942, the V-42 was the standard issue fighting knife issued to the FSSF, whose members generally referred to it as the Force Knife or V-42 Stiletto. All members of the Force were trained extensively in its use, though only members of the Force's Combat Echelon were actually issued their own V-42 knife.[2] In combat, the V-42 proved itself an excellent thrusting weapon that could easily penetrate leather and heavy clothing, though its needle tip would occasionally stick when contacting bone after a deep thrust, making the knife difficult to withdraw.[1] It has been rumored that some Force members re-ground the points of their knives to alleviate this, though Col. Baldwin would later state that differences in the points of issue V-42 knives were due to variations in production, as they were hand-ground and largely hand-made.[1] The pommel pin I can't be 100 % sure. If this is a pommel pin it's not very convincing.
  10. Thanks Dustin, I can't remember where I read that, but I think it was a kind of history of the knife. I've never even seen one with the tip ground down or even reshaped. I'm sure they're out there, but I haven't seen any.
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