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  1. I was just telling a friend today that my one item I with been looking for is this exact hatch cover. Great to see that they do exist outside the books.
  2. That does look the same. Thanks for your help. Does anyone need a few A-10 buckles?
  3. I found these years ago in a old time surplus store. They were just thrown in an beat up canteen cup. I don't believe these are repros but what they are is still a mystery.
  4. Thats what I thought at first but the buckle tapers in on one side. Looks to use a 1/2" strap.
  5. Does anyone know what these buckles go to? They do not matck M1 or Kelly helmet buckles. Any help would be great.
  6. Ron, Can you tell me what the length is? I want to make a set for some spurs I picked up. Anyone know the length of the second strap?
  7. I don't see any compression marks. I didn't think these were real when I bought them. They only cost a few bucks apiece so no great loss. Will look good on the wall. Thanks for the help.
  8. I picked up these 2 patches at an estate sale this past weekend. These are way out of my wheel house and would like some help with their authenticity. Both appear to have been sewn on a garment on one time. The leather 65th Fighter Sq patch is in excellent condition. The felt VB 42 USN patch appears to have a couple of tiny specks of moth damage. You can see a few small holes from sewing on the edge and a couple of threads. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. The 5 does not indicate year in this case. It is actually the DSA-1 which makes it 1965. •1962 thru 1964 - Prefix of DSA-1, Suffix of E6Y (Y=Year) •1965 - Prefix of DSA-1, No Dating Suffix •1966 - Prefix of DSA-100, No Dating Suffix •1967 thru 1977 Prefix of DSA-100, Dating Suffix of YYM (YY=Year, M=Month) After the DSA Prefix, and before the Dating Suffix (if applicable), there may appear additional numeric or alphanumeric code(s). These codes have nothing to do with date of manufacture, but relate either the Defense contract, or a Manufacture's code
  10. I would think that the standard pistol belt buckle would be on these from what I have seen.
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