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  1. wow...aznation.....many thanks...! that was amazingly quick.....i googled like crazy for hrs. w/o success. looks like its dual civilian and military award
  2. has anyone seen one of these? don't know if military or not..... MEDICAL ORDER award.....breast medal planchet. has R.S.R. abbreviations lower. real diamond chips? circling RED/WHITE enamel target center has typical medical motif device dead-center. snake & goblet. dished out concaved with typical sunburst pattern for BREAST medal orders reverse...NO hallmarking which is very bedeviling..... has horizontal pinback....at first, thought Brit or Commonwealth.... but they use the 'flap-hinge' style on their pinbacks. thick and heavy.....solid brass type alloy.... note the 'light-holes' behind each diamond chip? to allow 'sparkle' anyone seen such an ORDER AWARD?
  3. OD #3 khaki tan webbed canvas MAP CASE shoulder strap missing the slip on pad? one end typical snap link other end sewn in loop ring adjustable buckle
  4. the serial number expert....steve rohde.... i'll ask him don't think Wade has any idea....
  5. and you can sleep well at night?!....cheating honest sellers? hahaha!! yea, i was blowing out WW2 thin grey monel M43 ovals like they were going out of style..... well, rather going outta my collection...hahaha! the PT NEET single: no tetnus, first/middle name initials......probably his PW re-up tags.....or a quickie replacement after his vessel got sliced in half by the kamikaze which would have been the better 'story' to use on ebay. ha ha! to tell you just how disorganized i was.....after blowing out lot batches of my WW2 USN USMC tags... i later found sheaves & stacks of NARA paperwork 180's serv records on several of them.....i was rather prolific taking advantage of my status as federal US taxpayer....to get this no-cost service from NARA before they tightened the fiscal screws on this. yeah....too late now. I sent some of them to my tag buyers that might have gotten that particular USN WW2 tag or tags. (i even batch-lot WW1 USN acid M1917's and sold them in lots......yea! thought those would never run out!....had that many!) but that's okay young laddie! just like the corrupt communist customs officials at Tan Son Nhut.....i'm gonna make you pay for my VN tags....haha! teach you to gloat!
  6. dude muchas gracias.... you're right..... was looking in the wrong book (maguire's MORE SILVER WINGS PINKS GREENS) just saw it in Morgan & Thurman's patch ref book.... thanks again
  7. patch looks familiar to me....gnawing at me... seen somewhere. probably not even military..... machine on twill, cheese cloth backing...no glow any ideas?
  8. i know i've seen this somewhere ...either in a ref book or? i know its US Mil related. can someone point in the right direction? tango yankee
  9. yes...that what it is CA NG MEDAL OF VALOR the slider mount is AMERICAN....not UK commonwealth cloth colors a bit faded..... tango yankee
  10. 1/2" WW2 USMC USN pattern fat style ribbon bar. cloth ---and mounted on pinback slider mount. non flap hinge type on the pinback hinge....so NOT UK or commonwealth. don't think its foreign....but searched in my huge library of reference books....could not find anything remotely close. pretty sure its US....but???? any help would be appreciated. i know this belongs in the IDENTIFICATION HELP forum thread.....but seems quicker with the medal-ribbon collectors looking here
  11. CD.....don't you have braddock's book? ER = enlisted reserve incld. members of the enlisted personnel NG transferred from AUS, RA, NGUS
  12. army base dependent tags often will have their 'sponsor' (spouse/father) names and would state DEPENDENT/US NATIONAL etc. a form of ID which allowed them access to the base. depending on how 'beat' those tags are... in some uncommon cases....when QM reg did away w/ NOK address mid -1943 & went to simple 2-line format...some GIs were loathed to have an unknown NOK address....and made their own which were worn along with their overseas deploy tags.... i've had a very examples of this practice.
  13. steve tango yankee! this came with group lot of USS BANNON DD450 vietnam vet grouping.... lot of his other patches were done in same theater made (JAPAN) style.... most were taken off a tour cruise book or scrapbook thanks again
  14. squadron sized theater made patch came from USS BANNON DD450 vietnam vet grouping -appears japanese made...typical for USN WEST PAC 7th FLEET cruise souvenir -5" diameter has the muslin cloth type backing suspect its a USN AVIATION unit? anyone know?
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