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  1. Hello, this is a WWII Kampfpistole/Sturmpistole brought back by my great-grandfather. My great-grandfather was a Quartermaster in the 7th Army from 1942-1946. He got this in North Africa and kept it with him for the rest of the war. Thanks for looking. Eric
  2. Thanks for sharing Robert. Great to see items from a fellow Missourian. Eric
  3. Looking forward to getting these. Much better than ACU's.
  4. Bottom left is a 1914-1918 commemorative medal. Top right is a medal of French gratitude. Eric
  5. Cool stuff, Thanks for showing us. I have always wanted to go to Africa. Eric
  6. Great medal, Not to far from where I grew up. Thanks, Eric
  7. Hello, Does anyone recognize this DI. The picture is of my uncle he served in Italy post-war. The picture is not very clear but it is all I have. Thanks, Eric
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