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  1. Thank you salvage sailor for the information, I could just not find the medal anywhere online I am curious on how rare it is, given this lack of information…? Also the curious about the NAP flight 100 class ring (see links in first post) as I have not seen one before, I know it for the enlisted flight school, but I was unaware that they received rings upon graduating, how rare is this item…? Unfortunately Wolfman I have not found the Navy Cross medal (have about 6 ribbons though) Johnnie Mattis served in the navy till after Korea. However there are still parts of his previous house, w
  2. I have just joined this forum, after receiving a collection from a Lt. Johnnie Mattis in WWII, he was torpedo plane pilot who recived a navy cross at the battle of coral sea. with the small collection, is also a medal from 1935 that also looks navy, it says scoutinf force champion, I have a theory that it was awarded for what today would be called war games, but given the image I could be completly wrong. if anyone could tell me about this medal I would appreciate it. Also there is a navy ring that was in the ammo box (pictured) I believe it was for the enlisted pilot program that disappea
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