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  1. Well It's been a week since the museum opened! I placed a call to the College of the Ozarks and visited with the secretary of the administrator a week ago. She knew nothing of the college's involvement with the museum! But took a lot of information, and said she'd return a phone call to me. Still haven't received that call? Anyone know for sure what's going on with this museum and the college? Is having veterans come to Brason Mo. so important there is No Honor in by these people keep it open with closed door deals! What a Dishonor to those core value these Hero's with their service lived
  2. hawkdriver, The kettle is getting really hot! And when things start to pop! The corn is going to fly all over! Time to send some documents to the chamber and the college! The truth always wins over lies! Here's one to read that didn't happen: http://www.pulaskicountydaily.com/news.php?viewStory=1594 When they received copies of public documents!
  3. ajbUSWM, Go back and read the first forum I posted about the P-51 appraisal. That appraisial is what they requested! The Bank accepted the appraisal given by Hoppe at the start of the loans, and didn't do an inventory or another appraisal at the time! When you buy shake-oil you eventually get bitten! Wonder what will happen when the College of the Ozarks get the full information! Lincoln said: "You can fool some of the people some of the time. But you can't fool all of the people all of the time". The truth eventually get is revealed!
  4. Skenkursk, Keep checking in the whole tale will be told soon! The bank just requested information about the appraisal on the museum exhibits used for the loan! And the IRS is looking in to His LLC's I've been contacted by both, the Bank and the IRS as a former employee! Other Federal agencies have been notified!
  5. Thanks Scott & Bob for your comments! This has been shown to local authorities, and was told " it's a civil matter" and a complaint needs to be filed by someone who has financial interest in this! But since the auction has shown a real value compared to the appraised, we will try again. But veterans voicing their opinion and outrage would help a lot! I thank you for your support and interest to comment on this, and to share what is going on with fellow veterans by you, could make a difference! I'll post a few more fact of information in the next couple of days to help tie this togethe
  6. Both Museums had a P-51 Mustangs outside on a pole in front of each museum! Here is a quote form the appraisal: "This WW II fighter aircraft is an air frame only (minus it's power plant) and mounted on a pylon. I carried out a close visual inspection and found this item to be in excellent condition despite being an outside display. In reference to the actual value, I would like to refer to the sale publications for aircraft. An example would be 'Trade a Plane' which is in common circulation in the United States. War birds or combat fighter air craft in non-flying condition bring very high
  7. More info: The reporter who wrote the articles http://justgrace1776.hubpages.com/hub/Veterans-Memorial-Museum-collection-set-for-auction has had Google Analytics show that the articles has been viewed and read by several government sites from Missouri, Nebraska, and several times from Washington D.C. Along with a number of individuals in cities from a lot states! The Veterans Affairs should be contacted by a host of veterans to complain of using veterans for personal gain! This article has even been read by a .gov site in Guam! More hep is need to expose this scam. Public Informer
  8. Bob, check out the articles here, http://justgrace1776.hubpages.com/hub/Veterans-Memorial-Museum-collection-set-for-auction On that article there are more http:s to click on to and read the series,. I'll Post more about the appraisals, and the P-51 that was up in the air in front of the museums. We can document every thing in those articles! This kind of fraud to veterans is a disgrace to the Military Core Values that each service personal pledged to up-hold. Read and pass it on! Public Informer
  9. ************Scott: I helped take a lot of those items out of the Pigeon Forge Museum when it became an antique mall! Some where up for sale on the Gary Hendershott Web site later, he sells military collectibles. Others were stored in buildings in Columbus Nebraska! I worked for Hoppe at the time. I was in the Pigeon Forge Museum when Hoppe was doing a self appraisal of the items on display. I have a copy of that appraisal used as collateral for the banks. Supposedly done by a F.Grant from ,The Canadian Military Studies Museum. He was not there during that appraisal, but the values were add
  10. To fellow posters: I have a list of public document about this Guy and his Museums that I'll be sharing in the next several days. The items that were in the Pigeon Forge Museum I personally helped remove when the museum closed, and many are missing now. He has new investors trying to save the Branson Museum, but One former investor to help start this museum helped him get a large loan, hundreds of thousands, at their bank , which He stopped making payment on. They were cosigners and were force to pay the loan! Another start up investor took a loan of hundreds of thousands and invested an ad
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