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  1. Yes, a "Made in India" reproduction or tourist saber. Not US or CS issue.
  2. Just give the Leavenworth, Kansas PD a call. They would have taken the original report and would be working the case.
  3. Any reports on how this show went? I would be interested on info concerning attendance, interesting items found, etc. This has always been a very nice show in my experience but I did not attend this year due to Covid.
  4. I am having this same dilemma. I am really afraid to attend this SOS after doing so for 20+ years. If I could roll my 2001 reservations over to 2002 I would do so in a minute but I don't want to lose my tables where I have been for years. Frankly, I don't know what I am going to do about the upcoming show. Probably not go and maybe it is time to quit this show if they will not accommodate people during a world-wide health crisis.
  5. The crest on the P guard appears to be that of Saxony from what I can see. So, it appears to be an older pre-WWI Saxon (Imperial Germany) saber. It is certainly not a US sword. I hope this is helpful.
  6. A very neat assemblage of Chattanooga reunion items. I think this meeting was during the time when leaders were attempting to reconcile North and South veterans as their numbers thinned and time had passed. The effort was not entirely successful though.
  7. A super CW collection. I love identified stuff so thanks for showing.
  8. House of Swords and Militaria were well known fakers who sold good and bad items. Look them up in a search or search for Joe Walters and that will give you all the information you need to know. BTW, the markings on these two swords are all wrong indicating they are fakes made to deceive IMHO.
  9. Here is a circa 1940 dated M 1902 Army Officer presentation sword identified to the owner. This is a very well made sword.
  10. Richard Bezdek has a section on American sword dealers as well as lists of makers and assemblers.in his book, "American Swords and Sword Makers." The book is ISBN 0-87364-765-3 and is a heavy tome. He does have a helpful habit of listing the timelines of various makers and dealers/assemblers so this is your best bet for published data on this information Doctorofwar. His book is available from Paladin Press. I hope this is helpful.
  11. These swords were generally etched with standardized paper templates that were stuck to the blade before being dipped into an acid bath to etch the design. These M1902 Army Officer swords usually had a space that was blank that was used to etch the owner's name by coating it with wax and hand cutting the name to expose it to the acid. The addition of anything else in this space is not standard because it cost more money, i.e. by the letter. So, someone paid extra for this etching from the factory and I seldom see anything else in this space. It does occur however and below is an example of
  12. In my experience this is a very scarce Model 1902 Army Officer sword for a long serving Chaplain. Since swords were non-regulation for a Chaplain they are few and far between but I have seen a few. I would think this sword is probably from the time between the wars due to its construction with a peened pommel and the early WK&C trade mark. I also find it interesting that "U.S.ARMY" was added to the etching after his name.
  13. This is "breaking news" for all KCMCC members who have had displays at past Veterans Salutes. The library was planning to hold the 25th (almost) annual Salute in September to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the start of the Korean War. However...the latest "resurgence" of the nasty little virus has caused the library to announce the cancellation of the 2020 Salute. The librarians appreciate the efforts and assistance of all who have provided displays in the past, and probably in January will hold the first planning meeting for the 2021 Salute and announce the date and theme
  14. I would appreciate a show report as well. I hope it went well.
  15. You are right that it is a pretty rough Starr. It only takes two guys to drive up the hammer price in an auction. Pretty expensive for a dealer. My guess is there were two guys who both needed a place holder. As you say, when they find a better one this one will probably re-appear in some new guise.
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