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  1. Yeah. I think so. Or their equivalent of that.
  2. Only interior mark lower collar...
  3. A friend just gifted me this great tiger stripe jacket. He was the original owner/wearer of the jacket, and was a recon scout with 6/31. Just seeing the light of day after decades in a box in his basement. This is my first piece of tiger stripe anything. Interested to learn what style, type, etc.
  4. Was just gifted this jacket by a long-time friend, who was its original owner/wearer. He was a recon scout for 6/31. My first tiger stripe. Not really my area of expertise, so any of you that can tell me type, style, etc. would be interesting to learn. Thanks!
  5. First set of these I saw in the Marine Corps was in 1988, and were issued to 2/7 (while still at San Mateo) for CAX use at 29 Palms. In short supply, indeed. We had to turn them back in for laundering and reissue to the next unit heading out to Palmdale.
  6. Can't seem to get an ID on this one. Pollath made CB. Thanks in advance.
  7. Isn't the grey beret USAF Combat Weather? That's the only US unit I can think of that may use that color.
  8. Whats a fair price on a knife like that?
  9. The loops were their DI? Correct?
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