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  1. Vietnam-era M204 and M205 series fuzes will fit in original MKII grenades. It's the M213, M215, and M228 fuzes that will not.
  2. I was digging through my stuff recently and found a rubberized M13 gun cover for the 1919A4. I've never seen one like this before and I can't seem to find any info on it. Anyone know anything about these? \\ Markings read "COVER, GUN, M13" and a stock number of some type on the next line that is mostly illegible. No date visible anywhere on it.
  3. If you can tell me the lot number on the spoon I should be able to figure out the manufacturer and year of production for the fuze, if you are interested.
  4. Great piece! Looks really nice with the stand and everything.
  5. You'd think that they would be a bit more diligent before spending that much.
  6. John, PM'd you a link about grenade manufacturers. In terms of scarcity of one manufacturer over another, it really just comes from what I have seen. The ones that are left are a pretty random assortment of what was originally procured. Alex
  7. Nice finds, I love those types of things. That's a rather uncommon manufacturer on the M18, interesting to see.
  8. I have heard from other collectors that there are some Vietnam dated boots that do not have the heel seam, but I have yet to see any myself.
  9. Fantastic collection. Love the cans of practice detonators, that's a rare find for sure.
  10. Fantastic piece. I'd never let it out of my sight!
  11. I have had good experiences with many different kinds of penetrating oil for removing and loosening rust. If you are going to use steel wool or any sort of abrasive, use a very light touch.
  12. Was there a special spotting cartridge used with the subcaliber device, or was it used with standard ball ammo?
  13. Very cool, looks like it turned out great. What does it weight empty?
  14. M26 frag grenade container, differentiated from the M26A1 by the fuze bouchon and round fragmentation coil. Dates from 1953 or so to early 1960s.
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