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  1. I picked this up today. It's a neat album from just before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. This belonged to a William. J Heizman from Colorado. He survived the attack but 106 of his crewmates and his captian were killed when the ship was sunk. Afterwards he was stationed on the USS Omaha. He survived the war and was in the military until the 50's. It also appears that he has ties to the Sandia Base in New Mexico in the 50's.
  2. Kevin, The bar is marked B, B, & B but I cannot find any marking on the medal or the ring.
  3. Kevin, I have read that the medal itself may be 14k gold in the case of these early ones. Can you confirm this? It isn't marked and I haven't been able to test it yet.
  4. Here is one I picked up this week. Numbered 580 on the back of the suspension ring.
  5. Hey guys! I know some of you have the ability to look up these medals. Would anyone mind giving this one a crack? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hey guys! Anyone ever seen anything like it?
  7. Hi guys! Can anyone identify these for me please? Thanks in advance!
  8. I picked these up today and I wanted to post them for opinions. I think they are nice original 3 piece wings but I wanted to make sure I was correct.
  9. Ok guys. I finally got more info. As most vet stories turn out... EVERYONE was at Normandy. This is not the Case with Forrest E. DuBois. After some more research Mr. DuBois was on board LSM-264 for the Iwo Jima Invasion and not Normandy. 264 At Iwo Jima
  10. This was a direct family buy so I have no doubts of the original owner. Inside the liner on the leather I can make out a F. Du but the rest is unreadable due to the condition of the leather.
  11. I picked this guy up today our of the woodwork. The owner was in LSM-Group 13 during the Normandy invasion. His name was Forrest Dubois 259288.
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