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  1. I watched them make one at TASC once. They take a real barrel that has been demilled at and put them into a mold with metal inside for the added weight then inject the heavy resin. After vacuuming out and applying the pressure they were heated and out came the training rifle. They had molds for all kinds of weapons, M16A1s, M16A2s, M4s with and without M203 and even M60s and M240Bs.
  2. Those are some really great finds!
  3. That's neat, I was trained in many electronic warfare functions in addition to being a tanker with additional skill identifier 1 kilo, got a lot of cool patches from all the in theater schools.
  4. Great looking pieces, love nylon gear!
  5. Neat displays, I plan to build a bunker hooch one day, in a room of course with Styrofoam filled sandbags.
  6. Is there any units that reenact Vietnam in the Houston area? Would like to join one.
  7. Thanks I will check out various light blue enamels.
  8. Good to know, I will look elsewhere now.
  9. Hello all, Does someone know the exact shade of blue to repaint inert training grenades? Thanks.
  10. No problem, happy to help, I know there has been even more movement and consolidation of vehicles from other bases.
  11. Those vehicles that were not sent to Fort Bliss were sent to the Panzer Kaserne in Kaiserslautern or the depot in Germersheim. Several were earmarked for the Muna Museum near Ansbach. I was assigned to the 1st AD museum till its closure at Baumholder and subsequent relocation.
  12. Here is one of the artillery carriages at Knox.
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