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  1. Vietnam era or not thanks
  2. The white patch is the cold weather warfare school I think
  3. This belonged to a buddy's uncle was Sgt major will look good displayed in my collection
  4. Any clues on era can't seem to find one like it online
  5. right on ,,, thanks guys ,,,mike
  6. These are gung ho repro can anyone tell me what pattern thanks
  7. ok thanks guys that does help alot i am reading bits and pieces about some of the advisors in nam early years wearing these " duck hunter" utilities that were made , or distributed by CISO okinawa countersurgency support office , but none the less they would have been commercialy made non mil issue.. mike
  8. ok 60s hunting pattern worn by military , i think ,, right? thanks
  9. thanks just kinda curios found some on a site identical saying they are army duck hunting pattern vietnam ,,,mike
  10. No markings on these can anyone help I'd thanks
  11. can anyone tell me what the 2 patches are thanks mike
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