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  1. Wow very very nice helmet id'ed to boot congrats!
  2. That is awesome I am envious, Since I was little I wanted to be an archaeologist sadly I did not pursue it, BUT This would be right up my alley I can imagine the adrenaline rush you get when you get a hit with the detector! Nice find congrats!
  3. Excellent find Ron I love it! Especially the liner!
  4. Patches mine does not have a pocket tag that I can find I do not know why I bought it once again I find out stick to what I know I was taken by the 99th ID patch on the shoulder which I hope is good but where it was put on a jacket to deceive probably not. I will post that when the camera is back Monday now what to do with this jacket I do not need lol.
  5. Yes the resembles it the liner is partly like a satin material to the left and right and on the center top on the inside.
  6. jason4473

    Uniform era

    Hello, I am not really a uniform guy I am into helmets mostly, Today I picked up an army Dress jacket cheap but what is puzzling me is there is no DSA or DSL letters all I see on one tag inside is "COAT,MENS ARMY GREEN" then it is followed by dry cleaning instructions, on the collar small tag "39 Regular 8405-01-330-7412" I have a feeling this is not a WWII era dress jacket am I correct? I would take pictures but the wife has the camera for the weekend at her nieces birthday Any help would be appreciated thank you, Jason
  7. Like Bugme always says and Jamie mentioned too recently sometimes the picture angle or light do not make them look good either but when you get them in hand it is a whole different story. If a lid has a return policy then sometimes they are worth the time to get it and evaluate them for the few days the seller gives. Some of my best lids I have had were gambles because of crappy pictures, I have scored big with some for pennies but I have also lost my share with bogus lids too but these are usually low priced lids or no one else bids.
  8. Man Mike this has to be one of the coolest lids I have seen history of it and all congrats!
  9. Even up to Nam this is true about non AB liners and shells.
  10. On now I see it! Maybe it could be a medic I have seen non navy medic lids with the tombstone shape. Also I have seen camo medic lids I stripped one
  11. Can you post a pic straight on without the net and less bright? Maybe I can manipulate the image to see better.
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