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  1. And one more. The figure under the cord appears to be a rat and is on both sides although they aren't the same does anybody know the significance could this be the year that the original owner was born in or is that just Chinese ? Is it an original Hari-Kari ? Attached Images
  2. I'm not sure will have to ask he doesn't talk about it much except to say once he was in a flamethrowing unit and it was not easy to rout out the Japs that were in caves and crevasses they had to immolate them because they would not surrender had to stick the nozzle in and touch it off or take a tank and singe a hillside. These guys came home and dealt with it no ptsd for them. He was 17 when he enlisted and 18 when he was on Iwo.
  3. Here's another Attached Images
  4. My father who landed on Iwo the on 3rd day brought this home with him it is by no means pristine but is all original Attached Images
  5. Talked with dad today he said Uncle Frank was given guns to try out and test for Springfield and the Corps. These Springfields could be prototypes I will have to look at the lands and grooves IIFRC there were some 8 groove barrels made but I don't have the resources to find the production dates. Any help out there? Quote fromUSMC A5 Sniper rifle: I doubt they gave rifles to individual enlisted men to test, as Springfield's testing schemes were well organized and involved multiple shooters. Don't worry about prototypes, as those rifles are not prototypes. Those rifles were ordered
  6. This could be uncle Franks pocket watch or it could be my grandfathers my father couldn't say for sure but it most likely is my uncles as my grandfather was an enlisted aide to uncle Frank. According to Walthams serial # it was made in 1913 Attached Images
  7. Here's a medal my father says belonged to uncle Frank Sorry for quality took this with phone my camera needs batteries Attached Images
  8. Does any body know if I can get in trouble for having real ivory? Hope not. Thanks for all the compliments and info. I know some of you hardcorp Marines are having a hard time with the unpolished brass my father who landed on Iwo on the 3rd day has left hints in the form of new cans of Brasso. Jerry Attached Images
  9. Pic of the sabre Attached Images
  10. Here is some more info on these weapons: Both barrels are marked SA then the BOMB then the date and there is an H on the bayonet stud. Both have checkered butt plates with doors for cleaning kits. The scoped one has stamped in the stock behind the trigger guard, 1/8"tall numbers, the # 76, inside the stock the # 88, and inside the magazine it looks like the # 7 not sure about that one. With the stock removed the barrel is marked pJ50, the reciever is markedKCX and 78 6,and the barrel next to reciever has what looks like a backwards 3. The bolt has the # 2 stamped on it & the bo
  11. Quote from SFCMac Gunn308 I took the liberty of looking at the USMC muster rolls on ancestry.com for Frank Z. Becker. He had quite an interesting career. I didn't look at every entry, but did find the following: 1. He enlisted on 26 Oct 1899 at the Marine Barracks, Washington, DC 2. In Mar 1901 he was with Company D, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines, at Cavite, Philippines Island. 3. Jun 1910 He was a Gunnery Sgt. at the Marine Corps Rifle Range, Winthrop, Maryland. 4. 3 Apr 1917 he was made a Warrant Marine Gunner (Warrant Officer); 5 Apr he took the oath for Marine Gunner and rep
  12. Title: 1903 Springfields Description: 2-1903 springfields USMC 1-serial# 476525 SA barrel date7-11 with grooved trigger 1-serial# 638092 SA barrel date 2-17 with smooth trigger note- serial# could be 658092 it is under scope base, scope is J. STEVENS scope base is stamped FZB even have stamp that was used looks hand made 1- model 1875 USMC officers sabre with ivory bolsters, blade engraved all items in wooden case w/USMC brass padlock ,case is marked outside; F.Z. BECKER Captain USMC inside; QMSGT Jordan Oct. 27, 18 Condition: rifles & sabre all original in excellent condit
  13. Dad was on Oki, Gaum and Iwo he said he got it on Iwo.
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