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  1. Funny that I can’t find out much about this firm. When I google it I do see old newspapers from 1861/62 having them listed a dealer in military good and located on Broadway, but nothing else
  2. Thanks. I thought it had something to do with a distributor or engraver of the blade. I tried to find info on them, but found nothing. I was only googling “Benjamin Price” in quotes. I couldn’t make out the middle initial, maybe that’s why nothing came up. Thanks for the info!
  3. This M1850 Foot Officer’s Sword has engraving on the blade with the NY seal and engraved Benjamin Price on one side and New York to the other. Could this be the Captain Benjamin Price who served with the 70th New York Infantry or would this be the name of a Sword Distributor?
  4. Yeah, I was thinking very early 1970s on all the wings, just based on the 1971 German badge. It could have been a later para event, but I'm thing sometime around 1971. Let me know if anyone needs any other pics. Thanks
  5. These pics are the backings of the Guatemalan and French wings
  6. Thanks for all the info. No, nothing else came with the group. I bought it the way it is. I think this group is from the early 70s. some of the wings are marked on the back. I'm happy to take them off and share some of the back markings upon request. Some are not not marked on the back
  7. Seems like there were "world military parachuting championships" almost every year where multiple countries were involved. Many were in Europe during the early 70s. I think it may be impossible to narrow down to a certain event
  8. Thanks for everyone's input. I'll keep researching and see if I can identify the meet
  9. Thanks for the info. It makes sense that the GK oval would be on this banner. It seems like this is a souvenir of some para competition that this soldier was involved in. Would there have been such a competition during the Cold War (possibly 1971 based on one of the badges) that the Russians, Romanians, etc.... would have participated in? I just don't see communist countries gathering with Nato countries for a friendly parachute competition during that time in history. From what I can tell there are Polish, Russian, Romanian, Guatemalan, Yugoslavian (small lapel badge, not a para badge) USPA,
  10. Hi, Can anyone identify the yellow and black para oval? I’ve tried to find it and found many black and yellow ovals, but not this one. Looks like he may have been involved in some parachute competition in Germany in the early 70s and collected all these parachute badges as a souvenir at his time in the competition. The Red Devils I thought were the 508th regiment of the 82nd Airborne, but It could also be a British Para Group. I don’t really know. Thanks
  11. Saw this on EBay. I’m not familiar with that hat badge. Is it a SAW veterans badge? Sins of Union Veterans? Any guesses? Thanks
  12. Hi, I have an opportunity to buy one of these "Philippine" theater uniforms with the covered buttons just like the one pictured. This one has no stripes. What would be a decent price for one of these uniforms? They seem pretty rare, but I don't want to over pay. Thanks
  13. Actually, the 1 and 2 badges are the Cazadors and Batallón de Ligeros, which are Spanish units from that war. The 24 is also Spanish, but could be confused with Belgian and and French insignia of WW1. If someone has some other info that contradicts this then please post it. Thanks, John
  14. Salvage Sailor, What items in the pics I posted are Belgian? He had more buttons in this group. Some were Marked BMI Infantry, which I assume was from some military school and some antique NYPD uniform buttons. These buttons were not part of the belt, but they were in his house, so, they belonged to someone in his family. Maybe to the same family member who made the Hate belt??? Maybe another family member?? Either way, all the buttons were antique and dated to The 40s or earlier
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