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    U.S. Military Survival Kits, Vests and equipment/components. Started collecting US Survival kits and gear when I was a boy.
  1. Also as for what your vests are worth - they are both dated during the Vietnam War! Which in my opinion makes them more valuable than either of the vests currently listed on eBay. The SV-2B vest is dated 2001 and the seller has it listed for $249.00 as an Air Force vest! If the seller had only joined this forum or obtained a copy of Breuninger's book they could have avoided miss-labeling the vest as an Air Force vest.
  2. camouflageandtiedye, Both of your SV-2A vests appear to be the correct OD green color. Which is consistent with the Marine Corp requirement in Vietnam. The Navy issue SV-2 and SV-2B vests were sage green - like the Air Force SRU-21/P vest.* As for what they are worth - collectors do not pay top dollar. I am certain several of the collectors who are members on this forum can tell you what they are actually worth today. Here is one on eBay right now: https://www.ebay.com/itm/133492201103?ul_noapp=true The poster has started the bid at $95.00. It is
  3. TexRdnec, I was thinking the same thing Dustin wrote. I do not recall if Dustin has a post(s)t on the the E-17 kit - however it is shown on pages 126 and 127 of Breuninger's book (United States Combat Survival Equipment). You should print the information Dustin gathered for you above and put it with your new acquisition - because you can take what Dustin said to the bank! Also my first thought was someone repacked an E-17 or the earlier E-3 or E-3A kits into a single box when I looked at the photos of the kit. And when I read further down into the posts that is exactly what Dusti
  4. Msgt Norway, thank You! Yep thats the one I was issued. Does your Nalgene carrier have Molle or Alice Clips? I was just getting ready to ask what everyone thought about the "Ration Cold Weather" MREs when I saw your post. This contractor - RAFCO FREEZE DRY, INC. MRE DIVISION of McAllen TX (I was told) used the Mountain House Freeze Dryers and I must say these "Ration Cold Weather" meals were better than any MRE I ever tried.
  5. "Little G.I. Joe" on eBay also had this diagram from Natick (Laboratory) Soldier Center :
  6. Big Moose, There is another one on eBay here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/USGI-Military-Issue-1qt-1993-Arctic-Stainless-Steel-Canteen-Cup-VERY-RARE-FIND/201621058593?epid=919797517&hash=item2ef18d3421:g:tGMAAOSw9GhYbI2~:rk:25:pf:0 This seller has already sold 88 of them!
  7. Big Moose, There is a cup for this canteen on eBay right now. https://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-Genuine-G-I-COLD-WEATHER-CANTEEN-CUP-current-issue-in-Alaska/263941889679?hash=item3d74299e8f:g:iCwAAOSwI3RW9E7i:rk:1:pf:0
  8. Brig, Can you post some pics of the issue Nalgene canteen cover? I am curious if your issue Nalgene canteen was the same as the one I was issued back in the 90s. Thanks
  9. I realize I am very late to this topic - however I only just stumbled on this unique piece of US gear when I ordered a new GAT "GI type" stainless WWII canteen on Amazon (I have several of the real US made canteens - however I do not want to use them) and seller Warren5757575 offers this cover with the canteen. Here is the Mil spec for this canteen: http://mil-spec.tpub.com/MIL-C/MIL-C-44347/MIL-C-4434700001.htm
  10. And if you want higher resolution photos - here is the eBay link while it lasts: https://www.ebay.com/itm/U-S-Army-Aircraft-Survival-Kit-Reversible-Sun-Hat-Orange-amp-Woodland-Camouflage-/122908398474?hash=item1c9de9538a%3Ag%3A8OoAAOSwZrhaVuHk&nma=true&si=E1pVDjq8NLHjXutYqXTGRNlUbqA%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 Note: it appears that Walter mixed up his item descriptions on this listing.
  11. Here is a view of the hat as it would appear on your head - orange side out.
  12. Here is a view of the hat as it would appear on your head.
  13. U.S.Army Aircraft Survival Kit Reversible Sun Hat, Orange & Woodland Camouflage I found a Woodland Camouflage version of the hat dated 1999 on eBay I have attached a couple of photos. The ink label on the orange side reflects: HAT, SUN REVERSIBLE 8415-00-270-0229 SPO100-99-M-CA45 NEW BANNER, INC.
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