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  1. A little ComZ update ADSEC is for Advanced Section - Verdun USAGDN is for US Army General Depot Nancy FOD is for Fontenet Ordnance Depot BRGD is for Braconne General Depot BROD is for Braconne Ordnance Depot I suspect that the "5" is for 5th Logistical Command, my be someone knows more about ? Best
  2. Hi, Your officer should be Teddy Roosevelt FIELDING, born in 1920. He was a 1100 Special Warfare qualified Officer. He was promoted Cdr on 1 july 1960 and Capt on 1 july 1969. He earned a navy cross as Lt with UDT 1 for action on 2 dec 1951. In may 1970 he was CO of NavSpeWarGru 1. If I well see, the last digit of the laundy number is 4, the three prior should be 758. Best
  3. Hi, The 267th Field Arty Det (Radar), a 8th TAB 25th Arty, II FFV Arty assigned Detachment could be your unit. The black embroidered part may look to the AN/TPS 25 ground surveillance radar. My 2 cents Best, Croc
  4. Hi, The green one is an USN MK5 integrated suit. The ACEL tested it during 1965-66. This was done to try to solve the navy flight life preservers size problem. MK5 remain a test item. the other one tested was the MK6 that became the LPA family. Best Croc
  5. Tks for your comments, About international date line, please correct me if I'm wrong but 1500H (Saigon Time) November 11 = means 0800Z Nov 11 = 0300R Nov 11 (Washington Time) ? So morning Day D in Saigon is afternoon Day minus One CONUS ? Your informations about 50th Anniversary are very interesting I'm working in this direction, if Veterans Choose this date they should have reasons In the Book Dak To Edward Murphy reports that TF Black Battle with Barnes heroic act took place on nov 11 and not nov 12. But I don't know his sources ? Best Croc
  6. Hi, I need some help about Pfc John A BARNES III (MOH) who gave his life during Dak To Battle in november 1967. When you study closely the records and after action reports, you can see that the main Charlie 1/503 (TF Black) battle was involved vic Hill 889 took place during november 11. It seems that the Pfc Barnes gave his life for his camarades during november 11 afternoon around 1500H. When you look at the official Recommendation for award for heroism established on november 17 by Cpt McElwain (Charlie CO) and all the following records, they use november 12 as date of this act of hero
  7. Hi, By march 1968, USN squadrons received the first LPA1 life preservers (the new designation of the MK6 life preserver delivered to units during spring 1967) to replace the old MK3C. Following difficulties in march 1970, LAP-1 received modifications and were renamed LPA-2. The first 4200 LP reached the units in october 1972. So for your period you can use all of 'em. A study about this subject had been published in Militaria Magazine 376. Best Croc
  8. Hi Bob, I received one like that as passager on C2 COD flying to carrier in mid 90s Best
  9. Hi This Coverall was developped in 1960 for use aboard Polaris Submarines and was commonly used aboard navy subs until 1975 and the new navy working blue coverall. It is not a test uniform. Best Croc
  10. Hi, Nice, aboard USS Coral Sea during the 1964-65 cruise, the squadron was the VA 155 easy to find on the VA 155 officers picture Best, croc
  11. Hi The "Fighting 96' patch was worn by the 1968 WestPac cruise starting in january 1968 aboard Big E. Prior this cruise the patch used from 1 june 1962 was the one in the middle. As you already found the last one was worn prior 1962 when VF 96 was designated VF 142. Best Croc
  12. Hi, If this can help you, TOE 6-501 used by I and II FFV Arty HQ was modified in october 1966 (TOE 6-501G) with the addition of an aviation section (1Off, 1 WO and 4 Enl). Best Croc
  13. Hi Nice helmet, I made quick research, William G VON GLAHN (born 29 aug 1943) was an USMC NFO. He served from october 1965 to 1974 (commissioned on 1 april 1966). He was NFO qualified in 1967 as a 2LT and was promoted 1 Lt on 1 july 1967. So for me it meens that this helmet is from the early 70s when VMA 121 transformed in VMA(AW) 121 flying A6 with NFOs. Best Croc
  14. Hi, The 4th Casualty Staging Flight was an USAF unit stationed in Lakcland AFB in mid 60s. It was later redesignated as the 4th Aeromedical Staging Flight and was headquartered at Wilford Hall medical center at LacklandAFB in Texas. During the Vietnam war you had "fixed" casualty Staging Facilities at Da Nang, Qui Nhon (25th CSFlt), Cam Ranh and Tan Son Nhut (21st Casualty Staging Flight) and some mobile casualty staging facilities maned by 903rd Aeromedical Evac Squadron when required by operations. For exemple the 25th Casualty Staging Flight personnel began arriving In Qui Nhon on
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