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  1. It is I believe a Spanish model Z helmet. The yellow paint is fake as well as the decal. Crisp clear closeups of the decal are a must, but it wouldn't matter very much with this helmet.
  2. The 69th one is very interesting and cool. Never seen one like it before. Great catch!
  3. Thank you for the nice comments gentlemen! I am glad you like it. oldfireguy: thank you for the help with the abbreviation.
  4. I scooped this one up at a local military show on Sunday morning. The color isn't the standard OD green, but more of a dark forest green or that "Marine Green" that's been discussed here before. The inside dome is stamped with an Inland stamp then a Firestone over that. I am not sure if the "SCEL" on the front is the guy's name or if it is some kind of abbreviation. "Signal Corps something something?" Any ideas? Thanks for looking!
  5. Thank you Old Marine and bsgt78 for your help!
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