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  1. Fabric glue works well or period thread.
  2. Thank you for the quick replys. I thought it could be a Demolition Bag but wasn't 100%. The examples I had seen were like the one posted in the link. Would I be correct to say this is a Large Type 1 Demolition Bag? Were these used for ground troops and Paratroopers as well? Thanks again. Jason
  3. Requesting help or any information on the id of this bag. It has no stamps, tags or markings. I have searched for a similar bag but have come up empty handed. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. jason
  4. That maybe the reason some helmet collectors do not post here.
  5. Thank you for reaching out and providing photos of Major Kahl. I am still stunned to see his photograph. Please check your inbox. jason
  6. Nice well worn liner that is in great condition considering the amount of wear in the webbing and brim. Great pick up!
  7. That's a great helmet! Nice score! Do you think the black was painted over stripe to subdue the color underneath the black. It looks like some greyish blue is peeking out from the edge on the up close photo.
  8. If you're referring to my comment. I gave my opinion on the helmet... 1. they are two different helmets 2. the artist who painted the helmets are the same.(whoever and whenever it was done) I didn't anywhere that I said "the seller" has faked the helmet. An opinion is not a direct accusation. But again, it's just my $.02 and that don't amount to much.
  9. My guess is....different helmet, same artist. Paint colors and stenciled 7 are way too similar. Just my $.02
  10. That is the best book in my opinion. You would have to supplement with the other books available. My second favorite book is the Helmets of the ETO. Both of these are my go to reference books. The forum is a great place to view helmets and liners and learn from what is here. You won't find a better variety of helmets than what you see here from WWI to present. You can't buy a book with all the examples you'll find here.
  11. Here is the M43 jacket that was with the pants....
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