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  1. Dabblers are always going to get hurt, people do not appreciate all of the work(hopefully a labor of love) the true collector has to go through to attain the necessary knowledge(always ongoing too) to make intelligent buys. Sure is nice though that some of the real collectors try to help out the newbies. Even if they went on one forum like this their collecting skills would be infinitely improved(mine was).
  2. Received my CD, AWESOME! Thank you.
  3. Great picture, first WW II combat photo I have seen. I don't know how I missed this Sinatra McQueen movie, I thought I had seen them all, Sand Pebbles again recently in HD, but I missed this one. Didn't know Sinatra and McQueen were ever in a movie together, fingers crossed for netflix having it.
  4. Saw a thread saying free Colt and answered the ad. He was having trouble with functioning so he had another slide fitted to it but it still had problems.No bubbaing anywhere on the gun, you would swear it just came from the factory. I guess he was afraid to sell it that way. I gave him $100.00 to take his wife out to dinner(guilt I guess). The pistol is pristine. The spring guide was oversized and rubbing heavily on the slide(both slides). I so thought it was a hoax!
  5. PayPal is processing the refund back to my credit card., My credit card people also said if any problem with PayPal they would be happy to discuss it with them.Lesson learned mostly, I will be more careful but not give up on deals that seem to be too good.After all I got a FREE Colt 1911A1 from an ad online and it certainly seemed to good to be true. Thanks again for all of the help from my friends here.
  6. I opened a case with Ebay, I referenced this Topic in the message to him from Ebay as suggested here.Should be interesting, I wonder what Ebay would consider proof of a fake??
  7. No matter how this plays out at least there is a silver lining in all this. I never imagined so many people coming to help me out with their knowledge. I will be more cautious in the future dealing with subjects I am still learning on.
  8. Knife and documents arrived today.
  9. Thank you for taking the time to give me some advice. I agree with everything you said. In my meager defense, and I mean meager, it was a brand new Buy It Now Listing for $269.00 with documentation of war time use on Guadalcanal and the guy had excellent feedback since 2002, if it was true it would be quite a coup for me. I have learned a bunch and I am in the process of acquiring the reference books needed and downloading pertinent pictures and information. It was a gamble tempered with the knowledge that my Paypal account is linked to a credit card and I have some protection with them, I be
  10. Looks like I did not catch him in time thanks to Ebay. So it looks like I will be getting the knife delivered with the "documentation & COA". I will be letting him know it is a fake and will be sending it back. I really want to see the documentation, supposedly talked to and bought from the Vets daughter, this guy has been on Ebay since 2002 and excellent feedback. I am wondering if he was duped maybe. Oh well stay posted I will let everyone know when it arrives. Thanks again to all for helping a novice out.
  11. This is getting interesting: "Thanks for your interest in this item. 221332086665 - Ided U.S. Marine’s 1918 Trench knife, Battle of Alagator Creek/ Battle of Guadal We had to remove this listing, and the item is no longer available. We do our best to make sure listings that may not comply with our policies don't appear on eBay. Because millions of items are listed every day, occasionally a noncompliant item could appear on our site." So know I wait to see if it arrives or not. I paid for it but who knows. I recently bought Cole's III Book, but I still wasn't sure so I posted here. I a
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