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    U.S. SOC (AB); US ARMY RANGER; SPETSNAZ: 1970-1985
  1. Thanks for posting the link to your video, it is very moving. I reside in the Lorraine region of France, having moved here from the USA some time ago. I visit the Lorraine American Cemetary and Memorial (in St Avold), as well as the American Cemetary in Luxembourg, on most military-related (US) holidays, including Independence Day. I'll be visiting our boys next month, Friday, 11 November, for Veterans Day. (11 November is Armistice Day in France.)
  2. Not easy to find these anymore. A little "roomy" for the S&W 36 but tailor-made to accommodate the Gen I Dick Special's D Frame. Your example is a beaut. Now don't go trying to stuff a 2" Combat Python into that hoster (tempting as it is)!
  3. I had the exact same thought as I read the initial post.
  4. An outstanding find to say the least. Stunning.
  5. I expected to find this thread regarding his passing at this site today. The life of Louis Zamperinin is quite the story. Baruch dayan ha'emet. ~L
  6. Marine Paratrooper with custom-tooled sheath. Wow. Took me years to find one of those, and mine did not iclude a custom-tooled sheath. Congratulations!
  7. The "Best of U.S. Military Knives" by M.H. Cole I've seen arond Ebay are @ $200-250 BIN, so if you find a copy @ $100 grab it. Mike Silvey's books (WWII and Vietnam) are excellent and, as mentioned, include very fine photographic representations of these objects. Good luck in your search for reference sources and the objects depicted and described within, the chase is a challenge but it's fun.
  8. You got it, seller told me the winning bidder was in France.
  9. Thought it would reach a higher final hammer price.
  10. Whatever it is, it's a darned nice (and mean) lookin' blade, one I'd love to have for myself, but it looks to be headed for a final hammer price high above the clouds.
  11. Very interesting piece there, Doyler. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  12. There's just something about the handle of this weapon that suggested it to me. SOG blad (re)fitted into a Randall handle? In any case, it's getting lots of attention with 27 bids, 51 watchers, and 4 days, 5 hours until the hammer falls.
  13. I'm a Colt guy and my gut tells me your Commando is top notch, Len. Nice set of photos, too.
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