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  1. Hi Everyone, I recently purchased this uniform and saw it was named. I have tried to find what kind of planes this guy flew or what squadron he was with. I haven't had much luck. Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you
  2. Thanks everyone for the great responses. I was very confused by this uniform as well. I didn't think of Iceland service or England. I was just researching the 63rd infantry division. Makes sense though, Thanks
  3. Hi everyone, I recently picked up this uniform from a local antique mall. I was wondering could I get peoples opinions on this. I am not sure if I agree on this uniform and the guy being overseas 3 years total. I have id this uniform to Harvey L Rates of Oshkosh Wi. I actually met this man and had the pleasure of talking with him about the war. I am not sure I just agree with what is on his uniform is all. Thanks for all your help and opinions Scott
  4. Mr.B

    2nd air force help

    Thanks for the response Its a bust then as I have just a laundry number. Thanks
  5. Hi everyone, I was just curious as if anyone has a roster or could help me id a 2nd airforce uniform? Do they have rosters so I could id the person or am I just wasting my time? Let me know Thanks Scott
  6. Mr.B

    ww2 USN cpo greys

    Heres a pic of the grey garrison cap I got. It came with a officers uniform.
  7. Mr.B

    ww2 USN cpo greys

    Dave, If you wanted to look him up for me I can get you his name as it came with a card in the pocket. Let me know Scott
  8. Mr.B

    ww2 USN cpo greys

    Didn't think they had grey jumpers.
  9. Was this beauty on ebay? If it was I thought about throwing a bid at it but forgot. I am glad you got it. Nice find Jay Scott
  10. Hi Everyone I recently picked up this ww2 USN cpo greys on ebay. I know they were used for a short period of time. I just really liked the way these looked and when I saw it was a Specialty rate A I couldn't pass it up. It has a name in it but I know its not researchable since he wasn't on a boat. Let me know what you all think Thanks Scott
  11. Mark Yes it looks correct for a ww2 us navy uniform. Its a seabees metalsmith 2nd class. I don't see anything wrong with it. I wouldn't pay more than 25 for it.
  12. Thanks everyone for the great replies. I have learned a lot off of this thread. I didn't know that during ww1 that they never issued the purple heart to people but after. Thanks a ton Scott
  13. Yeah it has a great home. Im really not that heavy of a ww1 collector but I seem to come across it by accident. So I purchase it. Any more opinions? Thanks Scott
  14. Thanks Everyone What got me was the paperwork with the PH. If it was the PH alone without the paperwork I would have passed. Scott
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