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  1. Mr.B

    2nd air force help

    Thanks for the response Its a bust then as I have just a laundry number. Thanks
  2. Mr.B

    2nd air force help

    Hi everyone, I was just curious as if anyone has a roster or could help me id a 2nd airforce uniform? Do they have rosters so I could id the person or am I just wasting my time? Let me know Thanks Scott
  3. Mr.B

    ww2 USN cpo greys

    Heres a pic of the grey garrison cap I got. It came with a officers uniform.
  4. Mr.B

    ww2 USN cpo greys

    Dave, If you wanted to look him up for me I can get you his name as it came with a card in the pocket. Let me know Scott
  5. Can we see pics of the liberty cuffs?
  6. Mr.B

    ww2 USN cpo greys

    Didn't think they had grey jumpers.
  7. Was this beauty on ebay? If it was I thought about throwing a bid at it but forgot. I am glad you got it. Nice find Jay Scott
  8. Mr.B

    ww2 USN cpo greys

    Hi Everyone I recently picked up this ww2 USN cpo greys on ebay. I know they were used for a short period of time. I just really liked the way these looked and when I saw it was a Specialty rate A I couldn't pass it up. It has a name in it but I know its not researchable since he wasn't on a boat. Let me know what you all think Thanks Scott
  9. Mark Yes it looks correct for a ww2 us navy uniform. Its a seabees metalsmith 2nd class. I don't see anything wrong with it. I wouldn't pay more than 25 for it.
  10. Thanks everyone for the great replies. I have learned a lot off of this thread. I didn't know that during ww1 that they never issued the purple heart to people but after. Thanks a ton Scott
  11. Yeah it has a great home. Im really not that heavy of a ww1 collector but I seem to come across it by accident. So I purchase it. Any more opinions? Thanks Scott
  12. Thanks Everyone What got me was the paperwork with the PH. If it was the PH alone without the paperwork I would have passed. Scott
  13. Hi Everyone, I had the day off today, So I decided to go hit up some local antique malls. I went to one of my favorite ones and was just looking around and came across this interesting PH set. When I first glanced at it I saw that it had the case and thought it was a ww2 PH. I asked the antique mall person if I could take a closer look at it and she opened the case and I looked at it and come to find out that the man was gassed during ww1 while fighting with the 32nd division C Company 127th Infantry at the Chateau Thierry. He was awarded the PH 26 years after the war. Was this common? All opinions are greatly appreciated. I am really excited about this Thanks Scott
  14. Thanks everyone for the responses. I just couldnt pass it up for the price. I just thought it was a neat piece. Scott
  15. Hi everyone, I was able to purchase this ww2 homefront helmet. I just wanted some opinions on it. What is the logo of? Any and all help appreciated Thanks Scott
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