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  1. My bad, yes 8th Infantry. Thanks for the heads up. Al
  2. Not sure what happened. 8th Army, 13th Inf Rgmt. Is the maker of the M-1944 cargo pack scarce? I don't believe that I have ever seen that maker before. Thanks, Al
  3. Here are the pictures of illinigander's 1911. Al
  4. Sounds very interesting. Can you show us some pictures? Thanks, Al
  5. Hi Charlie: Yup--did just that on the hammer, only with JB Weld. Good to hear from you. Al
  6. One last post. looking for things to keep occupied during the stay at home orders, I decided to try to reconstruct the missing portion of the hammer. I first drilled a hole into the stub of the hammer. I then super glued a short potion of a small nail to add stability to the extension. Using one of my favorite products--JB Weld--in two separate steps 24 hours apart, I built up enough JB Weld to allow me to trim excess with my Dremel Moto-Tool to form the hammer spur. Not perfect by any means, but looks good enough when in the M3 holster. Before and after. Thanks, Al
  7. Here are the results of my first attempt at painting. Not bad if I say so myself. Used flat black on metal and satin dark brown on the grips. The grips are a little too shiny for me, but I couldn't find flat dark brown. If I can find it, I'll repaint. CAUTION: Do not tape over with the removeable painters' tape until the paint is way past the drying time shown on the can. Even then , try to use the lightest pressure possible when applying the tape. And paint the grips first. Thanks, Al
  8. Nice example, even shows color. Interesting that the narrow parts seem to be the ones that break off. Thanks, Al
  9. Nice one. I really was not interested in the one I got with the M3, but now I'm thinking that I could paint it to become a little more realistic. Just for a fun holster filler in my collection. Still looking for comment on experience with painting aluminum a/k/a aluminium. Thanks, Al
  10. Nice. Does yours have colors or is it like mine in mostly natural aluminum? Thanks, Al
  11. I picked up one of these 1950-60's Lytle Toy Co. cast aluminum 1911's a while back. It was in a WW2 Enger-Kress M3 shoulder holster that I bought. Weighing in at 1.5 pounds, it has enough heft to work for a reenactor or just to keep a holster in shape. Hammer has been broken off unfortunately. Not sure if painting it the approriate colors works on aluminum. Anyone had an experience with painting aluminum? Thanks, Al
  12. I stand corrected. That is great information. My lot numbers came from different calibers and shotshells, but not from .45 ammo. Makes sense that different calibers of ammo produced by Winchester were assigned lot numbers in contiguous groups. Al
  13. Definitely WW2.. I have WW2 WRA ammo in my collection with lot numbers both below and above (but not contiguous to) that lot number. Hopefully Charlie Fick will comment. Thanks, Al
  14. While we are under a shelter in place order here in Dallas, I have been keeping busy going through the collection. Reorganizing, discovering things I forgot that I had, etc. Here is one, a small grouping from a 90th division, 358th infantry regiment officer from Kansas. I have run into a dead end trying to find informmation on his service. If anyone can help, I thank you in advance. Al
  15. Two of my favorite subjects: Militaria and wine. Thanks, Al
  16. Is that a German MG belt? From what I can see, the links don't look like US. Can we see a close up please? Thanks, Al
  17. I can't find the right file right now, but I believe that the 250 stands for a USMC acceptance code. Thanks, Al
  18. Thank you Lee. Any idea about the unusual rear side construction as a clue to who made it? Thanks again, Al
  19. While sheltering in place, I am keeping busy going through everything, rearranging, organizing, culling, selling a few things, etc. I've had this button for a while, don't know where or when I acquired it. Have not paid much attention to it until today, when I noticed the construction on the back of the button. New to me anyway, and since I'm not really a button guy, I'm seeking help here on the Forum. It measures .8 inches in diameter. Appears to be made of brass. Military? Old? New? Texas related? All help is much appreciated. Thanks, Al P.S. I don't want to reduce the size of the images, so this may come in several posts.
  20. JADUR aviation wristwatches were private purchase items and included with the purchase of the watch was this flight calculator. Made of cardboard, dated 1942. I'd like to know if someone could help me with this Marine's service history. Thanks in advance, Al
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