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  1. Very nice. I have a green pack with the tax stamp numbered 109=1939. This one with number 112 means it is from 1942. Thanks, Al
  2. Pre-war 1939 Series 109 Lucky Strikes. There is a faint red "Tax Paid" stamp on the outer surface of the cellophane. I can only read part of it. The lower part reads Tax Paid over 20 cigarettes 20. Above the right side 20 is a star. There is other printing obove the left side 20, but I can't make anything out. Has anyone seen such a stamp on the outside of the cellophane? Local taxing authority? Thanks, Al
  3. Fount it. M49a1 trip flare. Thanks, Al
  4. Smaller in diameter (1 5/8") than for a M18 smoke grenade. Unusual mousetrap design. Searched the net without finding anything similar. Remants of yellow color (smoke?) on the underside. M18 spoons do not fit. In the first and third pictures, I have a small nail holding the striker open/armed. All help for an ID is much appreciated. Thanks, Al
  5. Buried face down--a sign of disrespect or something else? Thanks, Al
  6. Thank you to all of you for your comments. With the EGA on the Viet Nam Service ribbon and the Combat Action Ribbon, my guess would be that being attached to the Marine Corps, he could have been a Corpsman. Thanks again, Al
  7. Since March, when Covid-19 Kept us from going to estate sales, I have been thinning out the collection. Found this ribbon rack in a box of miscellaneous items, long forggoten. No name associated with it. Looks petty new with the Vanguard ribbons and Vanguard plastic backing. Seems to be a gap in service between WW2 and Viet Nam, with reserve time in between. What bothers me is only one good conduct award in all that time. I guess anything is possible, what do you think? Thanks, Al
  8. Interesting 8 x 10 photo's of four different aircraft. These were released by the manufacturer's PR departments: Boeing PT-17 Kadet Trainer; Curtis-Wright P-40-N Warhawk; North American Aviation B-25 Mitchell and Consolidated Vultee BT-13 Valiant Trainer. I especially like the one photo of the Boeing PT-17's with the national markings of three other countries--China, France and ?? PM me if you would like close-ups of any of them. Enjoy them. Al
  9. Just saw your post Leigh, thanks for the info. I'm getting good feelings now about the originality of the shirt.
  10. Thanks MasonK. Just saw your post. All I got was the name and the shirt, no info on his military history. With the unique name, this has to be him. Thanks again, Al
  11. Thank you ASMIC2971. Excellent information. How does a US paratrooper qualify for Canadian jump wings? Cross training? TDY/TAD? Joint Op? Still searching for info on him. Many thanks again, Al
  12. Thank you Wake1941. Maybe if someone could help with finding if there is any military history to Mr. Orville Menese Keeton, we can tie all of these patches to a time frame. Thanks again, Al
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