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  1. Top left WW2 or early post war top right 50s 60s
  2. On a good day you might get 50 cents each
  3. I just purchased a very large lot of military books and there were also many many magazines. I am looking to see if they are of any value and where to sell them. I have many that are in their yearly binders. The ones I have are as follows Air Extra Flying Review International AAHS journal Air Britain Digest Air Pictorial Air Power Aircraft Illustrated Any and all info would be appreciated...Thanks Joe
  4. May have faded if exposed to sun and because of age, a picture would help.
  5. It just came to me the Ebay seller is Menelder, have seen rosettes being sold by him
  6. Off the top of my head I can't remember but there was someone on Ebay that used to list lots of rosettes
  7. If I were to throw out a guess I would say probably ROTC, more than likely Navy Academic
  8. Guys thanks for the info
  9. What would be the proper wings for a flight nurse who earned her wings about 1947 is it silver or gold
  10. Thanks ok already did the wing guys she did not get her wings until after the war when she was released as a POW
  11. I am recreating a ribbon rack for Capt. Alice Zwicker a nurse that was a POW in the Philippines during WW2. After the war she became a flight nurse, my question is I have seen 2 wings one is silver and one in gold which one would be proper for this ....Thanks Joe
  12. I am recreating a ribbon rack for a friend. This rack is for Capt. Alice Zwicker who was a POW in the Philippines during WW2. My question is she became a flight nurse after the war and I have seen 2 Flight Nurse wings one is gold and one is silver, my question is which one would she have worn> Thanks
  13. maybe just manufacturers choice since military did not specify anything except V
  14. The 3 stars and the map North America, Central America, and South America there has to be a connection
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