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  1. interesting. thanks camopara Sammy T
  2. Looking for help with these jump wings. They are unmarked and I believe them to be WWII era but I've never seen a letter/number like this stamped on the back. Can anyone tell me what era these are from? Has anyone ever seen this type of stamping? Thanks. Sammy T.
  3. Thanks for the additional research QED4, it certainly is looking like that is where the path is leading us with this hat. Thanks for everyone's help with this! Sammy T.
  4. ...you could be on to something manayunk. Sammy T.
  5. I agree as well. I think SV is an abbreviation for Sveti which means Saint , (in English would be St.) . I think from an Eastern European language but not sure which one. So the hat name would translate to "St. Vladomir" (Saint Vladomir). Anyone know of any late 1800's ships with that name? Sammy T.
  6. good info guys. QED, did not know that about the cap cover, makes sense though. So possibly, this cap is American but leaning more toward civil use than military/naval and possibly used on a personal vessel (yacht) or a civilian sailing ship of some sort? Sammy T.
  7. Can anyone identify this hat? I initially assumed it is a foreign cap but someone mentioned might be U.S. If it is foreign, I apologize for posting on this US forum, but thought that maybe US. I don't see any identifying maker names or markings. There is what appears to be a persons name hand written on the inside band but I cannot make it out. There is also a cover to the hat to protect it while in storage. Any help is appreciated. thanks. Sammy T.
  8. good info and some funny stuff as well. Thanks guys. Sammy T.
  9. OK, here they are. There was actually a total of 4 of these cut down versions. Two have definitely seen daily field wear. The other two are less wear.
  10. Dean, thanks for the response. This came to me in a grouping and there were a total of one regular hbt and 3 cut downs. I'll post pics of the other cut downs as I believe they are more worn. (The marine was a male). Sammy T.
  11. Has anyone ever encountered a first pattern HBT like this cut down version? I posted it next to a full size version for comparison and it appears as though it was cut above the pockets and then hand sewn. Was this common for WWII Marines to do? I'm assuming it was done to beat the heat or for mobility? Thanks. Sammy T.
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