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    Cloth Insignia, primarily 1940 - 1970
  1. My contribution, one of my Arctic Exercise and Alaska trays.
  2. My latest addition, a nice 6 wheel on uniform from the estate of a Camp Hood mechanic.
  3. I just found this lovely greenback, and very undersized, Southern Defense Command. Shown here with the regular white back, normal size patch, for comparison.
  4. For anyone interested in the history and proper ID of this patch, a colleague of mine who is well versed in ROTC insignia has identified this patch as Western Texas College ROTC. The "M" stand for "Miners" which is the schools mascot. Patch is truly circa 1949-1951 and is the first design used as the later design removed the "M" and in 1967 the school became UTEP (University of Texas El Paso). Since this patch is being misidentified and apparently misrepresented fairly often, I hope this information is helpful. Thanks to those who took the time to research!
  5. There is one like this on ebay listed as Transportation Corps mule team. That seems rediculous to me also. Any ROTC experts out there? This seems like a school patch to me.
  6. This patch came with the ID Mountain Warfare Training Center USMC 1st Design 1950s. I thought by looking at it that it was an ROTC patch. Any help with proper ID is appreciated.
  7. My father-in-law, John S. Wilburn, was COM-Z. Attached is our contribution to this topic, one of our COM-Z/ADSEC trays.
  8. Although the obvious acronyms Alaska Defense Command and Air Defense Command come to mind, I was wondering if anyone had a positive ID on this patch. Embroidered on felt with cheesecloth back 100% no glow.
  9. Are you still looking for additions? Here is an interesting 102nd. I have quite a few interesting pieces if you are interested.
  10. I think you are right. Surprised I missed that, that explains the rough edge. Thank you! (Disappointing though, as it is, lol, still prefer the proper ID)
  11. I was going to post this in the Can you ID section but since I know it is Tank Destroyer I felt it belonged here. The patch I am looking for info is the 2" patch in the center. It came form an estate with a 7th Armor patch and was labeled 7/814 so I am guessing this is the 814th Tank Destroyer Battalion but I have never seen an undersized patch like this one before. Any info is appreciated.
  12. All seem to be 1950s construction plus or minus a few years. Any help is appreciated.
  13. It is a standard 3" shoulder patch. Thanks for the suggestion, I have never tried the google images match, I will try to do that this weekend.
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