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  1. I often get notices from an auction house and thought I would share this one: www.aarbids.com Half way down the page is a link to a online military auction: Some CW/WWI/WWII, a lot of US.... These guys have been around for a long time. Again, I have nothing to do with this, just sharing.....
  2. I recently found this auction and thought members here might want to see this. Lots of CW and WW II goodies https://www.aarbids.com/servlet/Search.do?auctionId=1417 Full disclosure... I have no interest in the sale. Just sharing info...
  3. I took my wife and two teenage daughters in July 13.... The following week the place was packed for the 150th. We did an early morning horseback tour. It was well worth the time and money. We stayed at the 1797 Hotel in the heart of town. The place is awe inspiring. Be sure to see the Cyclorama at the Museum. This is nice to do during the heat of the day... (For full disclosure, we did stop at Hershey Park on the way back home, but that isn't what they will remember.)
  4. I am sure a lot of Navy boys have similar photos... My dad was in San Diego in 45...
  5. I couldn't help but pass these along. Someone from the mid-country could get a deal. http://gsaauctions.gov/gsaauctions/aucitsrh/?sl=51QSCI14435028 There are numerous other 6x6's listed.
  6. Use the reply button and you will see "attach files". The attachment has to be under 150k...
  7. I do know that Mr. McDuffie was a kind gentleman. My daughter wrote him a letter when she was collecting autographs for a class project. He obliged with an autographed copy of that photo.... It made her day... RIP
  8. Photos would help.
  9. It is hard to believe there were empty seats… http://www.af.mil/live.aspx
  10. There was a lot of Swiss immigrants in Union City, NJ who did embroidery work. My grandfather and his brothers owned and ran Congress Embroidery. Towards the end of the war there was a lot of consolidation in the industry and they sold the business in 1944. The brothers were Gus, Beda, Alfons and Joe…
  11. I saw some interest in this forum on Battle Flags… New York has an extensive collection of battle flags at the State Capital in Albany. Beginning in 1863, regiments were instructed to turn in their flags at the Capitol when they returned home, or if a worn battle flag needed replacement. Because of this NY's collection is the largest publicly‐held collection of Civil War battle flags in the nation. Approximately 900 Civil War flags are part of the collection that numbers over 2,000 in its entirety. Given that NY lost over 50,000 men during the war it isn't surprising that almost eve
  12. Thank you for sharing. It is important to remember the brave from long ago...
  13. Yesterday I posted a request to the "what is it worth section". Please see the following link and let me know what you think. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/191916-maps-of-truk-lagoon/ B
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